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  • Cuiyu Danxia
    The people who fell in the hangars and the courtyards were also rewarded with one hundred taels of silver. The emperor left with satisfaction! Bi Cheng breathed a sigh of relief. Ba Xian and Zhou Hui and twenty-four masters, but Yi Ke followed the emperor, their target is the Minister of War Hong yuan. Because they judged that Hongyuan would not stop. They watched from the front, back, left and...
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  • Legend of Zhen Huan
    On her head, she wore a narrow silver jacket with pink flowers and wind hair, a green orchid horse face skirt, and a long jacket with a white silk bamboo leaf collar inlaid with ochre yellow. Although the color was bright and delicate, the half-old clothes had long lost the soft luster of the material, but also a kind of washed old water color, gray and dim. Carefully, there were a few traces...
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  • Destiny is a phoenix
    Her head is full of paste. What just happened? That's a big nest of blood scorpions, at least a hundred! Even if she meets so many blood scorpions, she can't destroy them all at once. Blood scorpion is roasted fragrant, if not poisonous, Lu Mingshu would like to taste it. When the fire went out, she took out a cloth bag and threw in the scorched blood scorpion. After collecting the blood...
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  • Draw a boyfriend for yourself (Situlanya)
    If the matter of him and Xu Chuwei had not been spread, the matter of his eldest brother and Wen Xian would be spread all over the city, and the loss would outweigh the gain. Qin Song was afraid that others would notice his real fiance, so he looked around and squatted under the table so that others would not see Qin Zan coming to him. But not long after he squatted down, he heard a woman's...
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  • In terms of God, I only serve my teammates.
    Wei Xiao this just come to his senses, some chagrin his gaffe, looking at the ban-man countdown is not much, directly ban off the enemy team auxiliary play the best hero hammer stone. Yin Midsummer reminds: "Boss.." We agreed that the first choice is the hammer stone, and the first one is the hammer stone to cooperate with Obama. Wei Xiao was silent for a moment and said, "I'm sorry. I'm a...
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  • Dandy Genius of Power (Power)
    As he spoke, Tsai Ming-yuan pressed hard. Now the power of Yan Danqing's medicine has not come back. He is not sober at all. He just muttered to himself, "Don't make trouble, don't make trouble!" Staring at the scene with four eyes, Li Xuan hurriedly took out his cell phone and said, "We must record this glorious moment. I didn't expect that Yan Shao, one of the leaders of the princeling party,...
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  • Grow up
    Rescue outside the hospital is usually carried out by non-professionals, but, as professionals, no doubt, after putting on the white coat, during working hours, you have the responsibility of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, but in fact, since the day you entered the medical school gate, you have gone to the team of "healing the wounded and rescuing the dying", one day did not...
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  • Black bag group of the goddess of war
    Have you made your words very clear. Why again? Dongshu was so angry that she grinded her teeth and almost walked over aggressively. As soon as she opened the door, she was pounced on before she could see who was in front of her. The dangerous instinct made Dongshu throw her backhand directly over her shoulder and throw her into her home. "Well.." The man was dropped and snorted. But he didn't...
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  • Qiong yuan
    Kaoru just kept looking at him, and I was shivering with cold outside the window. Thought this small Kaoru really likes to get jade tight, unexpectedly can stare at his face all the time to see. I was laughing at him in my heart, but suddenly I remembered myself before. I wasn't like him then. Looking at Nongyu's face for a long time, I was deeply infatuated with his dark and dense eyelashes,...
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  • Biography of Zuo Zongtang
    The strangest thing about China is the monetary system. If it is difficult for Westerners to understand it now, it would have been even more confusing a hundred years ago. But to be fair, the Chinese characteristics that drive foreigners crazy about fiscal matters are not so strange to the Chinese, who are thoroughly used to the system. In fact, they make no secret of their affection for the...
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