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  • Reborn, I became the East Emperor Taiyi.
    Jubao had a high position in Xiaoyao and commanded the refining department, so there was no need to say more. When he came in, nine people quickly got up to greet him. After Jubao sat down, they all sat down. Jubao nodded to Xuanyuan and motioned him to continue. Xuanyuan was not polite either. He went on to say, "At the sorcery gate, because Empress Xuanming has become the supreme good mother...
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  • The King of Fighters is in the other world
    Chen Feng is not the kind of person who likes to gamble. He is stronger than the other side and has to compete with the other side to win or lose? Isn't that stupid or what? It's like a martial arts master with a dragon knife, fighting for things with a child who has no strength to tie a chicken, and betting on winning or losing according to his strength. Isn't this a joke? But if you want to...
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  • Women love money
    Fallen leaves ran to the postman's side, opened the inbox, surprised to open his mouth for a long time did not close, the package was written impressively: "Flowers also have love to send items: Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang suit, 99 sacred Queen Mother fruits, a luxury house card in the capital, a love unicorn." The flower also has the sentiment also to attach two characters in the text: "The...
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  • Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine
    "The human who was imprisoned by the Master in the Hades Hall a year ago is Uncle Jing?" Si Ming's eyes widened in surprise, but without the command of the ghost Lord, he could not enter the temple of Si Ming, so he had never seen the human. At that time, I was secretly surprised for a while, but I didn't think that the man was Uncle Jing. Just then, the voice of the ghost Lord sounded in the...
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  • He is a cash cow
    Regardless of the artist's ideas, regardless of the direction of the artist's development, forced arrangements, is that how you do things? Open your mouth and shut your mouth is what the other person thinks. Whose person are you? Cheng Zhi's voice sank, and all the people in the conference room looked at the crane Meiyun. He Meiyun was so embarrassed that her face was pale. "I am also for the...
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  • Good Death
    Blood Skeleton sighed: "Five years of struggle, the loss of nearly half of the hands overnight, all blame me ah!"! If we had been more careful and made more arrangements in advance, this would not have happened. "Colonel Blood," said Mulatz, "I think so. The brothers of your regiment are tired, too. Let's camp here today. We'll go through the mountains tomorrow." Blood Skeleton shook his head...
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  • Cute Wife: Uncle, I Was Wrong
    Unfortunately, the eldest brother did not intend to stop at this point, sarcastically hooked the lower lip corner: "When did our Pei family take care of the family?" Hateful. Ou Shitong was so angry that he vomited blood. He gritted his teeth and said, "Do you want to take me seriously, huh?"? Don't let go! His eyes are still persistent and burning, full of obsession, as if to say that this toy...
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  • Green and Red Makeup Through the Barracks
    Seeing him leave by car, Sun Guohui only silently nodded to him, then called a small soldier under him, stuffed a bag of things to give him another order, and then saw the small soldier running towards Ye Xiang. What was that? It was dark at that time, and the company commander's car was driving very fast. I really didn't see it clearly. Thinking of this, Lin Huang came to his senses and turned...
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  • Beautiful rivers and mountains
    I did not hesitate, the body of the sword on the body of a fierce knock, Qingniu's body sebum is thick, but also by my heavy blow to eat pain, "moo moo" a long hiss, four hooves digging the soil flying in all directions, the momentum is amazing to rush to the front of the general. The general was astonished. It was estimated that he had never seen anyone drive an ox to fight so hard in his...
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  • Baby World (online game)
    On the day of the closing of the baby world, Yao Qianxue sent a text message to Sang Jingchen, saying that the new home had been decorated, would you like to see how to decorate it? Sang Jingchen was so excited that he was full of composition that night and didn't sleep well. Early the next day, he waited for Yao Qianxue's car to pick him up at the gate of the community. Why don't you drive to...
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