One of the most significant announcements Madden 22 coins made by the game of sports is the reveal of who will be the cover athlete. Madden 22 chose to pick Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes and, in doing so, created history for that Madden franchise. Brady and Mahomes represent two of the cover athletes who be the first to appear in their 2nd Madden cover. This was also the second time in history that two athletes were featured on the Madden cover simultaneously. Madden 10 was the other cover with Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald. With Madden 22 soon in the rearview mirror, it's time for us to think who the likeliest athletes are to be featured on Madden 23's cover. Madden 23.

Madden 22 cover - Madden NFL 22

As Madden 22 included an image of two athletes on the cover which is not likely that EA would do something like this in the future. This cover has only been done two times and even if they always put at least two players on their covers, it is detracting from the significance that the cover has to offer when it does happen. It is also important to take into account that Brady Mahomes and Brady have both been placed on the cover twice It is highly unlikely that it would be either of them .

When we look back at the previous athletes who have been on the cover previously, it's not like a year when we will see an athlete that has appeared before. There's only one repeater I can see appearing on the cover, but the rest would be brand-new to Madden 23.

5. Matthew Stafford

The definition of a cover athlete cheap mut coins is believed to represent the results of the previous sporting season. If that is the case it is then the reigning winning QB from Super Bowl LVI has to be added to this list. Matthew Stafford left the Detroit Lions to join the team and bring a Super Bowl to Los Angeles and he succeeded. It was even more impressive that it took him only one year to do so.