The Lost Ark developers aren't finished Lost Ark Gold with the game, but. Amazon and Smilegate have released a brand new trailer that showcases the new content for May 2022. The new Destined for Destruction update includes new classes and raids for the wildly popular MMO.

The trailer's focus was on the MMORPG's free-to-play feature, the Destroyer Advanced Class. The Destroyer uses a massive war hammer, which he uses to batter his enemies into submission. It's not just an axe, since the Destroyer can also manipulate the force of gravity to blast enemies with massive chunks. Also, he can use other area-of-effect techniques, and is robust enough to withstand several heavy attacks. This makes the class ideal to control crowds both as an effective tank and an impressive AOE damaged dealer. As per the descriptions of the trailer, he can excel both as part of a team and on solo adventures.

The update also contains several new skins for characters. If the player is interested to modify Destroyer look like a demonic warrior and gleaming paladin or barbarian champion, or any of the different aesthetics. Not all of the latest skins will be exclusive to brand new Destroyer Class. However, those were the only ones featured in the trailer, and it at least appears to be the area where the majority of Smilegate's attention spent.

The trailer also showed some footage of Lost ark gold buy the new Guardian as well as Legion Raids coming with Lost Ark's May Update. The trailer does not spend much time in this section of the content that's new, but it does offer a few glimpses of the two new bosses. The Deskaluda is a Guardian attack against a huge undead bird , which spits out green fire , reminiscent of a dragon. The Valtan Legion Raid features a mighty undead minotaur with sparkling blue eyes. According to Lost Ark's most recent blog post on development Both are extremely challenging and intended for groups of experienced Lost Ark players.