"You can go. Today is your first day of school. The college has prepared a welcome ceremony for you. Go quickly. Don't be late. Have a good time." Happy ghost ah, the first day of school, was a person Yin, who will have a good time? There is no rumor of S-level mental power in the school, the broken machine has been replaced, and even the staff responsible for testing the mental power level has been replaced. More unfortunate in the back, Chen Yanling is a beta, originally can only live in a dormitory of ten people, but since she is willing to yield, the school arranged a two-person apartment for her. Beta is only qualified to be with beta, so her roommate is also a beta, so coincidentally, her roommate is Tao yuan. This is simply evil fate! As soon as Chen Yanling entered the room, he saw Tao yuan, who was tidying up his things, and he was so angry that he almost didn't come up. When she didn't want to talk to people, Tao yuan always talked to her enthusiastically. She had to listen patiently. Occasionally, when she was in a good mood, she jumped out the word "um". When she was in a bad mood, she did her own thing silently. Both of their bedrooms were private spaces, and Chen Yanling tossed and turned in the bedroom bed,mineral flotation, unable to sleep, and she was very upset at the thought of having a chip in her forehead. She tried several times to break through the blockade of the chip with so-called mental strength, testing the critical strength of the chip little by little, and several times she rolled on the bed in pain. The headmaster is definitely not kind. The chip is used to control her. She doesn't want to be limited by people. After many attempts and many crossings, Chen Yanling finally found the critical value of the chip in one night. Then I saw her twitching all over, her hands on her head, and her clothes were all wet with cold sweat. She slowly took a black chip from her forehead and spread it out in the palm of her hand. Although her face was covered with cold sweat, Chen Yanling laughed wantonly. It's not that easy to control her. Learning in the Academy is very boring. Beta is discriminated against everywhere in the Academy. They attend classes with alpha and Omega,portable gold wash plant, but they are treated completely differently. Chen Yanling's class belongs to the best class in the Department of Aircraft Warfare. She is the only beta, and the rest are all alpha. After these alpha discovered that they were in the same class with a beta, they were so shocked that they could not speak. Several alpha without quality also provoked Chen Yanling. But Chen Yanling ignored everyone and listened carefully to his lessons. So they sent out their own pheromones to make Chen Yanling submit to them, but Chen Yanling had suffered the loss of the headmaster, consciously used his mental strength to resist, and took notes without changing his face. They are not reconciled, hands and feet are not honest, relying on their strong physique, want to harass Chen Yanling, the result was thrown out by Chen Yanling one hand. Although the rest of the alpha heart is unwilling, but still know that they can be in the same class with the beta, obviously not a good stubble. Teacher Yu Qing is a very young female alpha, appearance outstanding, but the expression is weak, she saw this situation, tin beneficiation plant ,tin beneficiation plant, also did not obstruct, when they bullied Chen Yanling, she was silent, when Chen Yanling hit people, she was silent, as if only care about concentrating on their own lessons, other people listen to it has nothing to do with her. Chen Yanling is also to see her this pair of indifferent appearance to dare to make a move, if she is a bully, Chen Yanling is really afraid of her standing on the side of that group of silly balpha. But the two do not help the best, Yu Qing honestly talk about her lessons, Chen Yanling seriously listen. Enrollment for a month, the college is still calm, there is no big event, fortunately Chen Yanling patience is very good, no major plot happened, she honestly study, after all, this aircraft warfare department is a very popular major. Back to the dormitory every day, it is difficult to guarantee that Tao yuan will not be nagged for a while, asking her if she has made new friends, if she has a good relationship with the teacher, nagging like a little elder. Tao yuan is not in the Department of Aircraft Warfare. She chose the Department of Command Combat and dreamed of becoming an excellent commander in the future. Unfortunately, there are too few betas who can become commanders, and beta is cannon fodder for death. But this is the idea of the original owner, Chen Yanling is noncommittal about this, she is also too lazy to splash the source of cold water. Two people between the apartment all kinds of facilities are complete, Tao yuan took the initiative to say to cook in the apartment, said to go out to eat very expensive, not delicious, but also Chen Yanling's food also took the initiative to contract. Chen Yanling had intended to refuse, but after eating a meal cooked by Tao yuan, he decisively put the future meal expenses on Tao yuan's ID card. The price of enjoying delicious food is to listen to Tao yuan's nagging. Chen Yanling is used to it and has developed a pair of invulnerable information shielding ears. But today Tao yuan's unusual words are very few, called Chen Yanling to eat, and then did not speak. Tao yuan usually has a mouth like a machine gun, but today he is particularly quiet, which makes a meal with the smell of fireworks feel tasteless. What happened to you Chen Yanling continued to pick up food and asked casually. It's all right. You eat yours. I'll go out later and buy some snacks. Tao yuan quickly finished his meal and opened the door to go out. Before Chen Yanling had eaten half of the meal, he put down his chopsticks and sighed lightly. Tao yuan is really not good at camouflage. Chen Yanling opened the door and followed Tao yuan, who had not gone far. Tao yuan did not walk a few steps in the tree-lined path, was stopped by a few beta, a lift her collar, dragged to the side of the fence. Those betas, men and women, put Tao yuan on the wall and pushed him hard as soon as they went up, scolding him as they pushed him. Oh, aren't you very capable in class? You can answer all the questions asked by the teacher, but also embarrass our young lady! Why don't you cross now? Don't you know everything? Can you guess how we'll play with you later? What kind of dog is this? Chen Yanling walked out speechlessly and said, "Stop. She is my roommate. It depends on the owner to beat the dog." As soon as Tao yuan saw Chen Yanling appear,sodium cyanide price, he lowered his head in embarrassment, then frowned and looked up, "Beating the dog to see the master?"? Why does that sound so wrong? "That's about it anyway. Come here quickly." Chen Yanling held his forehead and said helplessly. ore-magnetic-mining.com