Wansheng answered cleverly and thanked carefully. The next morning, a group of people met at the roadside in the west of the village and went up the hill again. When they reached yesterday's place, Liu Cheng was waiting there with a firewood knife. His eyes were red and his whole body was depressed. Baoqin and Zhang Caixuan looked at each other, this is still not to give up? Chapter 154 Suizi. Liu Cheng did not look at them, only looked at Wan Sheng, tone seriously, "Wan Sheng, the engagement is not my business." Wansheng had no feelings for him, but in fact he was very bored. Very not easy to hear his engagement, is feeling at ease, Wen Yan stared at him, "she is your fiancee, you also said that it is none of your business.". Is it any of my business that you came to tell me this? Without waiting for Liu Cheng, who had suffered a great blow, Wansheng continued, "We had nothing to do with each other. It's just a neighbor. It's none of my business whether you have a fiancee or not. When you get married, Grandpa and I will come to congratulate you with Caixuan's sister. By the way, thank you for helping us sweep the snow in those two days. I'll ask my grandfather to send a box of hand oil to your mother as a thank-you gift.". The last time Grandpa gave it to you, you didn't want it. It's really because we didn't think it through. Thank you for the gift. It should be delivered to the door to show sincerity. Liu Cheng listened to her speak fast to say these words, eyebrows and eyes in high spirits, really to his engagement without any gaffe, not to mention the slightest sense of sadness. Liu Cheng eyes more red, not like sad, more like a blow to despair in general, asked: "You really to me..." Previously they spoke,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Zhang Caixuan did not care, Wansheng so straightforward to say let Liu Cheng break the mind, if procrastination does not refuse is not good for both of them. But he didn't expect Liu Cheng to open his mouth like this, in case he was heard and hurt Wansheng Mingjie, he coughed twice and interrupted him, "Cough." Liu Cheng, we have to go to Baiyunpo. It's getting late. We're on our way. Say that finish, pull Wansheng to go, just her words,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, has been very clear, Liu Cheng also asked, but is not reconciled to it. Wansheng followed her strength, walked a few steps and turned back, emphasizing again, "Liu Cheng, we are just neighbors." Say that finish, and then do not look back, the foot to speed up the hill. Just walked a few steps, I saw a girl standing in the grass beside the road with patches all over her body. She was also carrying a firewood knife. At this time, she was in a daze. When she saw them coming up, she did not say hello, but stared at Wansheng in a daze. Baoqin frowned when she saw him. Zhang Caixuan had never seen this girl, and she was at a loss. She did not say hello, Zhang Caixuan they did not speak, so a few people passed by her. They all walked away, holding the harp and saying, "That's Pan Di." Zhang Caixuan: ".." This is the legendary dog blood. Wansheng was a little flustered. "Won't she hate me?" Zhang Caixuan and Baoqin look at each other, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,30ml Dropper Bottle, this is really quite hard to say, to say that Pan Di is also right, fiance in the heart of someone else, who she went to reason? It's really bad to think that if this kind of thing happens to you. But Wansheng is also right ah, she was a little girl Liu Cheng pestered, is also innocent. It's really a mess. Zhang Caixuan looked at Qin Sulin, who was walking far ahead, and they walked faster with their children than they did. "Don't worry, Wansheng," he said. "They don't dare to do anything to you. Come on, it's important to work. Liu Cheng never looked for Wansheng again, even if he met Wansheng on the road, he just said hello casually, really just a neighbor. Wansheng also breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Su Lin and Tu Liang went up the mountain every day to cut firewood. It is worth mentioning that Tu Liang could really catch pheasants, and he could also dig traps. Except for the first few days when he returned empty-handed, he could catch something later. Qin Su Lin followed suit, followed by digging traps, but really caught a rabbit. The rabbit's leg was stabbed, and the ash was not very good-looking, but the scorching sun liked it very much when he saw it, and he held it and did not let go, "Dad, the rabbit is mine." Qin Sulin touched his head with a smile. "It's yours." What he taught him recently, you have to earn it. I'm sure I can't eat rabbit meat. In the twinkling of an eye in February, the sun was shining brightly, and the seedlings in the field were already quiet, looking particularly pleasant. This is not important, the important thing is that the villagers suddenly found that this year's greenhouse inside the wheat ears, empty shells are particularly many, according to this, the harvest should not be much. Zhang Caixuan's family is not affected, she knows that if the same thing is planted next, the harvest will be less and less, so their greenhouse will be sprinkled with her "organic fertilizer" after each harvest. In fact, it was the rotten soil and chicken manure and pig manure that she had dug back, with some chopped straw and dug soil. Village people's greenhouse, the soil on the ground is actually not thick, thinking when the greenhouse is not planted, the soil is harvested again, it becomes a house again. Chang Tsai-hsuan doesn't have this concern. Her family has enough houses, and they don't need those deliberately made greenhouses to live in. They usually cover the earth and sow seeds, which are really planted as land. If it was something else, the villagers could hold back, but it was related to the greenhouse, and it was closely related to whether everyone would be hungry or not, and they couldn't help it at once. The first one to come was not Tigress, but Lee. Although Li said that she was close to Zhang Caixuan and let her regard the Zhang family as her mother's home, she had never been in contact with them since they came to their home in the scorching sun and were close relatives. Of course, it also has something to do with Zhang Caixuan's indifference. After Li entered the door, he went straight to the subject, "Caixuan, your family planted vegetables well at the beginning. How about the barley ears this time?" Zhang Caixuan shook her head, "I don't know how the harvest will be this year before it is confiscated." Li Shi also knew that he was too anxious. He spoke slowly and said, "Caixuan, if you know what the reason is,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, you must tell your aunt.". Your fifth brother's child is only a few months old. He is thin and weak. I am worried when I see him. And your fourth sister-in-law is pregnant. Auntie asked for nothing but that our family would not starve to death. We're always closer than the outsiders in the village, aren't we? The last sentence means something. Zhang Caixuan knew it in his heart, but he was afraid that he felt that he was close to Tigress and was too familiar with them. penghuangbottle.com