Remember the first time he kissed her, she was really a little scared, not for his abrupt, purely because there is no prior psychological preparation. When it was over, without explanation, he behaved as usual. Later, on several occasions, he kissed her without warning. Although he had never expressed anything to her, gradually, Anning was able to understand the affection he wanted to convey. He is a man who is very introverted in his feelings. It is not fashionable to talk about love. His love and exclusive love for her are all turned into practical actions and practices. She could feel that every time he kissed her, he would linger on her lips for a long time. Although they have only known each other for more than two weeks, unexpectedly, they are so compatible that they are far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Perhaps, already doomed in the dark, two people are a natural pair. When he noticed that the bandage on Anning's hand had been removed, he asked,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, "Where is the bandage?" "Because when I went to the hospital to change the dressing yesterday, I saw that the wound had begun to scab over, so I don't think I remember the doctor saying that I could take off the bandage." Because he took her to the hospital to change the dressing, he knew her injuries like the palm of his hand. "I know, it's just.." Bandages will only get in the way of your hands and feet. "Go and get the bandage." "My hand is almost all right." I hope he will respect her wishes. "Do you think you have enough judgment?" An Ning'er decided to prove with action, "You see." His right palm was spread out and clenched in front of him. "My fingers are already able to move flexibly." Knowing that he was concerned about himself,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the problem was that it was a great inconvenience for her to have her arm fixed, so she said she didn't want to tie it back. Saying that although he is arbitrary, peaceful son also has not lost the stubbornness of others, two people's eyes silently exchanged for a few seconds, he did not send a look around her right side of the body, arm across her waist, holding her out for dinner. Seeing his considerate little action in his eyes and knowing that he was protecting his injured right arm, Anning was moved. "Thank you!" She stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. Although he did not say anything on his mouth, there was a rare tenderness in the corner of his eyes. Not long after the phone rang, the housekeeper picked up the phone and said, "May I ask who is calling?" "It's me." Although the other party did not identify himself, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the voice. "Young master?!" The housekeeper was slightly surprised. "Is your lordship here?" "Yes, your lordship is in his study now. I'll put you through." "No need." The man on the other end of the phone stopped the housekeeper. "Tell the master to come to the villa tomorrow." "Yes, but the young master doesn't follow the master.." Without waiting for the housekeeper to finish speaking, the other end of the phone "chirped" and hung up. After the housekeeper hung up the phone, although he was puzzled by the young master's name on the phone, he still dutifully turned around and went to the study to convey the master's orders. At the same time, on the other end of the phone, An Shengwu turned off the voice changer in his hand, his eyes flashing as if he were plotting something. In this way, it should be foolproof. More exciting E-books in: E-book zone Chapter 6 "Mommy Wants to Get Married" by Xiao San In the grass not far from the suburban villa, a petite figure was hiding in it. As soon as her mother put herself down at the school gate in the morning, the car went away. An Shengwu immediately followed her. Her destination was Qi Tianfang's villa. Hiding in the grass for nearly an hour, watching Qi Yueteng's car drive into the villa a few minutes ago, An Shengwu knew it was time for him to act. Standing out of the grass, patting the grass clippings on his body, An Shengwu swaggered to the entrance of the villa. I thought I had to spend a lot of time to get in, but I didn't expect an Shengwu to open his mouth and say he wanted to find Qi Tianfang. The guard immediately treated her as a distinguished guest and respectfully led her into the villa. It seemed that Qi Tianfang had told the guards at the gate in advance, as he had promised earlier. It has been more than three weeks since Qi Tianfang's operation. Because the operation was very successful, he no longer needs to rely on a wheelchair to move. When Qi Yueteng and his party came in, Qi Tianfang sat on the sofa in the living room reading the morning paper, and Nina walked into the living room at this time. "Boss!" West Wolf took the lead in opening his mouth to attract the attention of Qi Tianfang. Qi Tianfang looked away from the newspaper and turned toward the door. "Dad, you're here!" "Well, how are your feet?" Qi Yueteng asked, not anxious to know the purpose of his son to come to him. "I'm getting used to it these days." After sitting in a wheelchair for nearly ten years, it really takes time to get used to walking on both feet. "If I had known the operation would go so smoothly, I really shouldn't have wasted so many years." The North Lion is outspoken. Yeah, if he knew.. Fortunately, it's not too late. "Dad, you came here early this morning. What's the big deal?" As soon as Qi Tian said this, the five people, including Qi Yueteng, were all stunned. "Boss, didn't you call Master Chi to come over?" The impetuous Nanbao took the lead in asking questions. "I'm calling?" "The housekeeper told me yesterday that you wanted me to come this morning." I couldn't understand why my son had a strange look on his face. Just when everyone was caught in the crossfire, Tianwai suddenly interjected, "I made the phone call yesterday." Imp?! Why are you here? The south leopard can't believe that this hateful smelly kid is so haunted. Yes, the only thing that can make Nanbao react so fiercely is Anshengwu. An Shengwu ignored him and jumped up to Qi Tianfang. "Wow,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, your feet are all right. You can walk." Compared with an Shengwu's elated appearance, Qi Tianfang's face sank on the spot. "You're a kid wandering outside without class, and you're risking flying over a wall of high-voltage electricity?!" All kinds of possible dangers made Qi Tianfang's face almost black.