When this idea just came to my mind, before I could turn it into action, it was suppressed by Jane Tong himself. Jane Tong, you are no longer the young lady of Jane's family three years ago. Jane Tong, you are just a prisoner who has just been released from prison. Jian Tong, Qin Mu Mu is a student of S University with a bright future. What about you, what about you, what about you! Time, as far as Jane Tong is concerned, is a piece of smelly dog shit, which witnesses her change from self-confidence to what she looks like today. Don't you want to give vent to your emotions? No, you can't. Qin Mu Mu, you misunderstood my meaning, I just said, I was caught in the rain all night, and spent a night outside the door, now very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, I am a little dizzy. If you have anything to say, can you wait until I wake up? Almost pleading, Jane Tong's white lips revealed her weakness. Can't help it, she thought of her three years ago, can't help it, she wanted to know, if it was three years ago that Jane Tong, what would she do? Will you be as timid as you are? Will you be like yourself, so humble that you don't want to cause trouble, don't want to offend anyone, and give in cowardly? "Jane Tong, you are not disgusting, I have told you, the door is locked, I did not mean to, do not believe that it is not possible to encounter?"? I've already explained it to you. What else do you want? Qin Mu Mu looked at the eyes of Jane Tong, naturally thought of the scene in the stairwell. Not only that scene in the stairwell, but also that time in the 606 box, Xiao Heng suddenly appeared and relieved Jane Tong,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, who was supposed to perform "kissing" in public, and the object was only a small bodyguard! The more he thought about it, the more sour bubbles Qin Mu felt in his heart. Look at Jian Tong, I feel uncomfortable everywhere. Moreover, the woman in front of her at the moment was even more angry when she saw her submissive appearance! Such a soft-boned Jane Tong, what did Xiao Heng see in her? Want a face without a face, want a figure without a figure, want knowledge without knowledge, like a pool of mud, why did Jane Tong bewitch an outstanding man like Xiao Heng. Unless it's.. "Foxy!" Unless Jian Tong seduced Xiao Heng with his body, Qin Mu Mu, after some inference, decided that this was the reason. Jane Tong hung her head and covered the emotion in her eyes. Anger, she will have. In three years, I learned to endure and compromise. Slowly, she raised her head and looked at Qin Mu. "If you like Mr. Xiao, then you shouldn't come to me.". If you only have the ability to embarrass me, then Mr. Xiao will certainly look down on you. Yes, it took her three years to learn to endure and compromise, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but she could not change the pride that had been engraved in her bones since birth. She will not scold Qin Mu to bully people too much, but can also make Qin Mu mad more than. She even knew what words to use to end this disguised unilateral bullying in the most straightforward way. Qin Mu's pretty face changed greatly, twisted, ferocious, and looked like she had lost the purity of the past. Her eyes widened, and she looked incredibly and unacceptably at Jane Tong in front of her-a woman who had always been humble and pitiful in her own eyes. Xiao Heng won't like a shameless woman like you. No one will like a woman like you who has no sense of shame! Qin Mu Mu's face twisted and glared at Jane Tong, as if after shouting this sentence, he had saved the self-esteem he had just lost in front of Jane Tong. Jane Tong's head rose to blossom, burning, and felt cold trembling all over, raised his head, Qin Mu Mu in front of him turned into countless double images, big and small, far and near, Rao is so, her hand, quietly clenched, the pain of the nails in the palm pinched out, making her a little awake, she has a word, must also tell Qin Mu Mu to know: "Qin Mu Mu, like a person, should not be sincere to treat him, eyes only him?"? However, you seem to care more about my existence than Mr. Xiao. I don't understand. Is your love just talk? How much of your love is true? Chapter 36 shameless. Qin Mu breathed heavily, his eyes were bulging, and his pretty face was red. Face more ferocious: "You say I this is not love, then you sell meat so cheap, is love?" Rao is Jane Tong, also can not help but slightly frown, who said that she Qin Mu Mu's love is not love? And I just ask her, in the end, how much of this love is true. Jane Tong hung his head, three years can polish Jane Tong's arrogance, but can not erase her wisdom. Obviously, Qin Mu Mu will be so excited, then, the only possibility is that he just said this sentence, said her wound. Shake your head. Why are you shaking your head? What qualifications do you have to shake your head when you are a cheap woman who is not enough to beg for money and seduce men everywhere? What do you mean by shaking your head? Are you denying me? I tell you, Jane Tong, all the people in the world can look down on you, but you Jane Tong are not qualified to look down on anyone. Jane Tong's body trembled, and her drooping head became more and more depressed. The whole world could look down on her, but she had no qualifications to look down on anyone. Shen Xiujin, are you satisfied? Ah Maybe this is the Jane Tong you want. When she closed her eyes, her mind was full of one word-money! No money is nothing, with money. There is.. Qin Mu Mu disliked to sweep Jane Tong one eye, see Jane Tong a pair of dead dog appearance, immediately pour into the appetite, curl the mouth: "In short, remember that you are just a cripple, and don't try to seduce Xiao Heng any more." With that, he turned his buttocks and walked coldly to his bedroom, leaving Jane Tong with a cold figure. Rubbing her eyebrows, Jane Tong took a hot bath and curled herself into bed. In such weather, it was hot without air conditioning, but Jane Tong felt cold and trembling. He curled himself up even more into a ball, as if he could keep warm by curling himself up into a ball. Outside the window, I don't know whose thrush is calling,brushed stainless steel sheet, and in this call, she fell asleep. Hey, hey! Get up 。 sxthsteel.com