I did not hesitate, the body of the sword on the body of a fierce knock, Qingniu's body sebum is thick, but also by my heavy blow to eat pain, "moo moo" a long hiss, four hooves digging the soil flying in all directions, the momentum is amazing to rush to the front of the general. The general was astonished. It was estimated that he had never seen anyone drive an ox to fight so hard in his life. He was stunned for a moment. The Qingli horse was hit by the big Qingniu. "" With a sad hiss, he took a wrong step backward. Had it not been for the fact that I looked at the strong horse, a bit like a hybrid of the Huns, and pulled the cow's head to one side in time, the Qingli horse would have been smashed by the cow's horns. The man roared and roared on horseback, but behind me there was a sudden rustling of clothes. Liu Xiu jumped up and crossed my head as lightly as a swallow. A Li Mang Yao into my eyes, the man's frightened expression still stays on his face, but his head is down Liu Xiu's hand up and down, flat flying out of ten feet, suddenly rolled into the gray dust. The headless body fell heavily from the horse's back. Liu Xiu fluttered in the air and landed firmly on his horse like a ROC spreading its wings. Don't be in a daze! He galloped his horse and cut down the enemy behind me with his sword. Only then did I recover from my consternation and nod: "Oh, oh.." The general's body was lying in a pool of blood, but the soldiers around him did not know what had stimulated them. Suddenly, they dispersed in a swarm. Some of them lost their weapons and knelt on the ground and raised their hands to show their surrender. Liu Xiu's forehead hanging beads of blood, it is sweat mixed with blood congealed into beads of blood,Pi tape measure, the face of the usual smile has disappeared, replaced by a touch of cold. Heartbeat suddenly leaked half a beat, this expression of Liu Xiu is really never seen! Hard to suppress the palpitations in my heart, I looked around, looked at the floor full of wolves, and asked: "Who did you just kill?" He smiled, and his firm lines softened in an instant. He answered word by word, "Xinye County Commandant." I was stunned by the four short words. After a moment,tape measure clip, I laughed: "Shoot the horse before shooting the man, and catch the king before catching the thief." Liu Xiu was stunned and looked at me in amazement. Then the smile in his eyes was deeper: "Very incisive." Beautiful Rivers and Mountains Chapter 4 Life and Death Section 88:3. Long Gathering (2) Chapter Words: 1626 Updated: 07-09-29 18:31 I suddenly realized that I had inadvertently said something across the ages. These two sentences actually come from a poem written by Du Fu in the Tang Dynasty. In modern times, such words are just like two-part allegorical sayings, but in the Han Dynasty two thousand years ago, they are still fresh words. I blinked my eyes, and suddenly I couldn't help showing off. I opened my mouth and said, "a bow should be strong, and an arrow should be long.". Shoot the horse before you shoot the man, and catch the king before you catch the thief. Killing is also limited, and countries have their own boundaries. If you can control the invasion of the mausoleum, how can you kill more people? Liu Xiu trembled all over and opened his eyes wide. For the Han people, at this time there is no poetry this genre, in Liu Xiu, I read may be more like a catchy five-character prophecy. The bow should be strong, Surveyors tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, and the arrow should be long. Shoot the horse before you shoot the man, and catch the king before you catch the thief. Killing is also limited, and countries have their own boundaries. If you can control the invasion of the mausoleum, how can you kill more people? He repeated in a murmur, then said with a sudden smile, "Every word is brilliant, and Xiu has been taught." With these words, he jumped down from his horse and bowed deeply to me. I made a bluff, but I didn't expect to get such a big reaction from him. I quickly jumped off the back of the cow to help him. I blushed and said with a guilty conscience, "I can't, I can't.." The two men were going back and forth modestly and politely when suddenly a dull cry came from not far behind them: "What can't be used?" Look back, was a military uniform of Liu came on horseback. "He has a lot on his body, and it seems that when he kills the enemy, he must be a brave, fearless and desperate man." Report to all department, the new wild captain is dead, our people have captured long gather! After listening to the scouts' return with a cold face, Liu just said nothing and stared at me with a pair of eyes, which seemed to be in flames, wishing I could be burned to death. I shrugged my shoulders, deliberately put aside his gaze, turned around and patted the old Qingniu, whispering: "Stupid cow, I really can't see that you are so brave, I will get the best feed when I go back.." "Go to Changju." Unexpectedly, Liu gave a sharp shout, and the horse hissed behind him. Without waiting for me to look back, my waist suddenly tightened, and then the clouds and fog flew up. Do what? Although I experienced the life-and-death fight just now, the impact on the back of the cow did not shake me, which shows that my constitution is quite tough. But if I were carried like a cat like now, hanging in the air without touching the world, I would still be scared out of a cold sweat. Liu ignored me, carried me, hung me on the horse's side for about five or six minutes, and then put me face down and back up in front of him. I looked down at the bulging horse belly dangling in front of my eyes and couldn't help screaming: "What kind of nerve do you have?" "Pow!" A word did not finish scolding, a sudden pain on the buttocks. Pow! "Pow!" Is a succession of two, Liu hand is not light, was to make the best. I almost had tears in my eyes because of the pain, and I almost bit my tongue. In the fifth stroke, he saw that I didn't say anything, and the strength suddenly converged by half. Why don't you shout? He spoke coldly. I stuffy hum, the taste of hanging upside down is very uncomfortable, feeling congestion in the head, but also lack of oxygen: "Shout … … What? Shout for pain? Listen to my cry for help. Wouldn't it be better in my heart? I don't want to. "Do you remember that you have this life?" He roared and turned me over and sat on my side on the horse. I was carried around by him like a chicken, and I was so dizzy that I saw his white face,Horse weight lbs, which was particularly striking against the blood on his skirt. "Are you really desperate?" I closed my eyes and managed to get used to the bumps of the horse running, only to find that Liu's face was really smelly. Seeing his expression like a fire-breathing dinosaur, I was angry and amused. I was about to make a sarcastic remark when he suddenly pulled me firmly into his arms. tapemeasure.net