Seeing him leave by car, Sun Guohui only silently nodded to him, then called a small soldier under him, stuffed a bag of things to give him another order, and then saw the small soldier running towards Ye Xiang. What was that? It was dark at that time, and the company commander's car was driving very fast. I really didn't see it clearly. Thinking of this, Lin Huang came to his senses and turned to look at Sun Guohui standing beside him. Sun Guohui is silently looking at the dancing leaf thought, there is no expression on his face, do not know what to think. Without waiting for Lin Huang to open his mouth, "Oh, I'm sorry, please make way." A man holding a plate full of food who wanted to pass by them touched Sun Guohui and quickly apologized. Sun Guohui shook his head and made way sideways. " Tiger, let's go and sit over there. "Lin Huang saw someone just leaving and walked over to Sun Guohui with a little chin.". As soon as he sat down, Lin Huang was happy. "I said, can you relax a little? If you sit tall and straight in such a military posture, others will not look at the dancers and all look at you." Sun Guohui glanced at him and uncomfortably loosened his shoulders as if he were relaxed. "You came here to eat just to see.." Watch the dance? "Hey," Lin Huang bared his teeth. "What's wrong with that? Don't you like to watch dancing?" "Humph!" Sun Guohui sniffed. Ah, Sister Fang, can I hang this up here? "A voice that sounded familiar came from behind him.". Sun Guohui turned around and found that one of the girls who had come to the drill ground with Ye Xiang and Lin Huang's sister last time was stepping on a ladder to hang a picture for propaganda. I remember that she seemed to be the daughter of Chief of Staff Lu. What was her name? Yes, Lu Jia, a girl with a strong temper. Sun Guohui looked back at Lin Huang and whispered, "Do you know they're here?" Lin shook his head, "I only heard my father say that my little sister works here to earn some pocket money, but yes, they are so good, they must act together." "Oh.." Hearing what he said, Sun Guohui felt inexplicably relaxed. Lin Huang leaned forward and put his face close to him. "Are you happy?" Sun Guohui stared at him, "what happy?" Do you know I didn't come all the way to see the dance? But then again, the little girl danced really well,Fish measuring board, it was a little peacock, hey, "Lin Huang turned his head and took another look at Ye Xiang, who had finished blooming and was giving gifts to the children." Boring Sun Guohui hummed two words from his nose, Lin Huang deliberately teased him, "I said it, Sun Da platoon leader.." As a result, before he had finished speaking, a wind of palm brushed the tip of his nose, which flashed back quickly. He reached out and grabbed Sun Guohui's wrist. At the same time, under the table, Lin Huang moved his foot and kicked Sun Guohui's calf. Naturally, he failed. As soon as Sun Guohui's leg was pulled back, Lin Huang's leg could not move. They looked at each other affectionately, smiling at the corners of their mouths, Adhesive fish ruler ,Walking tape measure, but their hands and feet were not relaxed at all. Ah, "the two girls who were eating French fries at the next table saw it by accident and couldn't help giving a low shout. Lin Huang and Sun Guohui loosened their hands and feet and glanced at each other at the same time. The two girls immediately bowed their heads and ate seriously." Sooner or later, you will be beaten. "Lin Huang said very seriously. Sun Guohui smiled. When it comes to fighting, Lin Huang is always a little worse than him." Well, I'll wait for you! " Lin Huang also smiled, "Cheng, then I'll go to find my sister first and see what delicious food there is here. I haven't eaten this thing either. Don't frown. After graduation, we'll eat the military kitchen every day and change our taste occasionally. Wait." With that, he got up and went to the counter. Dad seemed to say that the younger sister was in charge of collecting money. Sun Guohui sat there waiting, and his eyes unconsciously slipped to Ye Xiang's side. Classmate Ye did not know that her words and deeds had fallen into the eyes of others, and now she was having a headache to deal with the two little boys who were pinching each other. Not for anything else, just for the dance, one of them behaved very cleverly, Ye wanted to reward him with a hamburger-shaped toy, but the other stronger child quit, it happened that there was no extra, he did not want to change the milkshake toy, went to grab the child's toy, and then fought. Children's nails are sharp and sharp, and if they are really scratched, it will be bad for their parents to see them later. The big boy kept screaming, "Let my mother scratch your face!"! Let my mother kick your head off! That well-behaved child doesn't know the meaning of fear. Still indomitable to defend the fruits of their own victory, but the leaf really want to hair, the heart said that the mother is what kind of immortal ah, so tough. In this way, two people are scratching each other, separated by the peacemaker Ye Xiang, the child is small, the lower plate is unstable, so he pulls Ye Xiang's clothes to keep balance in the battle. That's all right. The problem is that the two children are short, so they both grabbed Ye Xiang's skirt in the confusion. After a while, Ye Xiang found that his skirt was buttoned open and was sliding down dangerously. This time, it was better to catch the child or the skirt. Ye Xiang was going crazy. When Wang Jie rushed over to help, Ye Xiang almost stood in place with splits to keep her skirt from sliding down. Then there was a chicken in her left hand, a duck in her right hand, and a group of fat dolls behind her. Their posture was not related to the peacock. Sister Wang helped her out with a smile. The method was very simple. A hamburger toy. "Looking at the discomfited Ye Xiang, Sun Guohui couldn't help laughing. He didn't notice it himself, but his sensitive ears still heard the girl at the table next to him say," Hey, look, that fierce smile actually has dimples, my God. " Sun Guohui's face stiffened and turned away unnaturally. He casually picked up the promotional color pages on the table and turned them over, but his mind suddenly returned to a happy time. Dimples, how much he doesn't like to laugh also has something to do with this, a girl once said, "Guohui, I like to see you laugh, two dimples,horse weight tape, very cute!" Cute With a "crunch", Sun Guohui lowered his head and found that the plastic base of the color page in his hand had been pinched out by himself. He quickly put it down and glanced around with a guilty conscience. Fortunately, no one noticed.