Fallen leaves ran to the postman's side, opened the inbox, surprised to open his mouth for a long time did not close, the package was written impressively: "Flowers also have love to send items: Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang suit, 99 sacred Queen Mother fruits, a luxury house card in the capital, a love unicorn." The flower also has the sentiment also to attach two characters in the text: "The betrothal gift." Ye Xixi opened his eyes wide and pinched his face, thinking he was dreaming. Yes, this betrothal gift is complete, food, clothing, housing and transportation are all complete, it is simply a well-off society. Flowers are also affectionate. Do you have too much money or too much brain water to give me such a valuable thing as a temporary empty wife! Fallen leaves never covet people's money casually, hurriedly packed things and mailed them back, and opened the dialog box to explain: "I said Huahua, why so serious.." You know, the mission requires it! These are not needed. It took a long time for the flowers to return, and at the same time they sent the package back, as if they were killing the patience of the leaves: "It's all right.". Now that you're engaged, you should say something. You don't have to mind, take it, as a time to thank you for your help in the gang war. God said so, the fallen leaves are not good to return the gift, extremely embarrassing. Come to think of it, I shouldn't have been so happy just now. He is a big gang leader, can he have time to accompany himself to do the couple task? I dare not force him to accompany me to do the task in front of the God? And look at his casual manner,endless swimming pool, I seem to be eager to marry him. Hum, after all, he spent money to open the copy, if he does not cooperate-even if he is a God, he will knock him unconscious and complete the task with himself! Nothing is more important than making money! Although this comforted himself, the more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. Hee-hee felt that some words had to be made clear, so M said confidently: "In that case, I won't be polite to you. We still follow the rules of the gang and settle accounts with our brothers.". You and I are husband and wife in status,best whirlpool tub, but it does not involve private property and private life. Since you don't want to take back the dowry, I have to accompany the dowry and give it to you tomorrow. Passed for a long time, the flower is also affectionate and ignored himself, and after a while, he replied: "Nothing else, tomorrow I have something to do, you give me a dragon Dan." "Oh.." Fallen leaves thought, since the great God said so, he is also happy to be convenient, tomorrow add a few kinds of equipment and medicine together to him, as a dowry. Pharmaceutical, not simple, open their own pharmaceutical skills to see, I do not know when they have learned to make the formula of Dragon Dan, so they agreed. The system prompts a message very quickly: "Your husband flower also has affection to be offline." "Your husband." Ye Xixi looked at the bone tingling, in an instant, he really promoted from a good friend to a husband, really unacceptable, endless swim pool ,whirlpool hot tub, obviously just a temporary couple! Ye Xixi opened the official website to see the introduction of medicinal materials, and almost collapsed when he found the column of Evil Dragon Dan. Come to your senses, Dragon Dan! Dragon Dan! It's so hard to get! To defeat the big boss of Evil Dragon Mountain, extract its essence, collect the ice immortal grass that occasionally grows in Bingling Lake, and smelt it together. Not to mention how much energy it takes to defeat the dragon, that is, the ice fairy grass, or two or three days, or more than ten days to grow a root, and sooner or later there are people waiting to pick it, where can I get this thing. No wonder God said as long as this is good! Think of oneself is also a respectable figure (pretend to be), although in the four seas floating clouds is a lot of his light and dark help, but because of their own moment of confusion to take such a job, but not to toss the dead! Oh, do evil! Ye Xixi saw that the time was already more than one o'clock in the morning, and it turned out that he had been engaged for more than an hour. Remembering that he had done such a good thing for no reason, he hated himself for being brainless. So hate to turn off the computer, stuffy head sleep! The twenty-eighth chapter, another account "If you don't give me Dragon Dan, you're finished, Ye Xixi!" A huge monster opened its big mouth and jumped at itself. As soon as Ye Xixi made a move, the monster howled a few times and said angrily, "How dare you murder your husband!"! It's your end! Say, a moment of wind and lightning, Ye Xixi only felt a few lightning in front of him, like a thunderbolt, simply unable to cope with. Ah! Help Ye Xixi shouted loudly and suddenly sat up from the bed. It turned out to be a big dream. His heart was beating very fast. It took him a long time to calm down. Nightmare! Nightmare Ye Xixi covered his head and got into bed, desperately not thinking about the monster, but it kept flashing in front of his eyes! This can be good, complete insomnia. Ye Xixi lay in bed tossing and turning, just have promised others, in case he did not do a good job of dragon Dan, this belly black man angry turn against people to revenge how to do? Think of it as a good opportunity to realize your own plan (see the back of the specific plan), but you can't let God look down on it! So he tried his best to enlighten himself to be a calm businessman. At this time, it was nearly four o'clock in the morning, the people who went to bed early in the game were still sleeping, the people who stayed up all night were also preparing to fall asleep, and the number of people online in the game was less than usual. The fallen leaves made a few amulets for themselves, prepared the herbs, and set off to fly to the Evil Dragon Mountain. Evil dragon mountain environment is dangerous, insects and ants are many, hostility is heavy, it makes people's hair stand on end, Ye Xixi seldom comes here to fight monsters at ordinary times, because she has calculated that practicing here, taking medicine to nourish the spirit consumes too much, and a battle experience is not much different from other places, it is not cost-effective. At this moment, she rides the love unicorn that the flower also has affection to go forward in the decadent smoke, and there are ghosts crying and wolves howling all around. The reason why Ye Xixi doesn't fly with his own phoenix feather ribbon is that flying needs to consume energy, and his vitality value also needs to do evil dragon Dan, in case it's not enough, he has to buy vitality medicine to eat, so it's even worse. Fortunately, the unicorn is a powerful auspicious beast, which has the function of exorcising evil spirits,endless swimming pool, and ordinary mobs dare not approach. Ye Xixi galloped all the way to the Dragon Cave. Before he entered, the unicorn raised its front hooves and sent out a long sound, indicating the danger inside the master. monalisa.com