Jubao had a high position in Xiaoyao and commanded the refining department, so there was no need to say more. When he came in, nine people quickly got up to greet him. After Jubao sat down, they all sat down. Jubao nodded to Xuanyuan and motioned him to continue. Xuanyuan was not polite either. He went on to say, "At the sorcery gate, because Empress Xuanming has become the supreme good mother of the human race, it is more appropriate for the human race to go. Younger Martial Brother Shennong will be responsible for this matter." Shennong stood up and said to Xuanyuan, "Don't worry, Elder Martial Brother. Younger Martial Brother will handle this matter." Jubao nodded and said, "Shennong is the most stable, but it's appropriate to go to the more irascible sorcery gate. Xuanyuan continues." Xuanyuan went on to say, "The Heavenly Court is now Jinwu Dali. Although it has not yet officially won the throne, it is also the meaning of the Master. The Younger Martial Brother Kong Xuan befriended him, and the Younger Martial Brother will be responsible for this matter." Kong Xuan stood up and said, "Younger Martial Brother, we'll get this done." Seeing Jubao nodding his head, Xuanyuan went on to say, "I have made friends with the emperor, so it is most suitable for me to go." "This is no good, Xuanyuan, why are you confused?"? As a big brother, comparable to the commander in chief, absolutely not light out, this truth your master said a lot. Jubaohao said rudely, "Modesty is right, but it is absolutely the right thing to do, and it must not be anticlimactic.". In addition, spiritual practitioners should not vacillate from side to side. When they have made a decision, they should not change because others are present. Xuanyuan, you have not done enough on this point. With that, Jubao took a meaningful look at Xuanyuan. When Xuanyuan heard this, he saw Jubao's eyes and was startled. After thinking about it, he reacted and said to Jubao, "Uncle taught me a lesson." Jubao nodded his head and said to him, "In my opinion, let's go from Qingtian to the human race. Xuanyuan, you will be in charge of Xiaoyao. Sun Wukong will go to Xiaoyao to tell Tianzun about this. Dark Heaven knows Xuexiu best and just goes to clean up the bloody corpse.". The six ears know the heart,5 person hot tub, and can go out with the dark sky, or assist in the dark. Other people who didn't go don't have any opinions. Take good care of Xiaoyao. If there's anything that can't be solved and there's no time to tell Tianzun, you can come to me and Gongqi. If I and Gongqi can't solve it, it's estimated that Tianzun will come, and you don't have to worry too much. All right, it's all right. You're all sensible. I'm relieved. Let's go! Jubao did not talk nonsense and left. Today is not what it used to be, Xiaoyao is now much bigger, here is a formal occasion, Jubao naturally pay attention to the wording, except in private, he is no longer called Taiyi eldest brother. Not because he called too one eldest brother, too one will blame him, but he knows, Xiaoyao absolutely can't get into management trouble because of his special, now he has taken Xiaoyao as his home, he doesn't want his home to have any accidents, any trouble, all the signs of evil, as long as he can do it. He will definitely wipe it out in the cradle at the first time! When the nine heard that Jubao was leaving, hot tub wholesale ,outdoor whirlpool tub, they quickly stood up and said respectfully, "What my uncle said is true. I'll do it now." [Text Chapter 71 Cauldron Battle Blood Corpse, Blood Demon Out] Chapter seventy-one cauldron battle blood corpse, blood demon out "By the way, Younger Martial Brother Shennong and Younger Martial Brother Qingtian, don't forget to spread the news that Shifu rescued Empress Xuanming!" Just as they were about to leave, Xuanyuan suddenly thought that the matter had not been resolved, so he stopped Shennong and Qingtian. Because too one ahead of time to the west and others ahead of time, has already taken Xuanming back, but the time is short, the human race does not know, so this time let Shennong and Qingtian conveniently solve, just can be the double saint together to create momentum. As for how to pass, it is not his Xuanyuan's business, as long as he said it. Shennong and Qingtian looked at each other, nodded to Xuanyuan, and went out. Xuanyuan stopped Dark Sky and Six Ears again. He took out two jade tablets and handed them to them, saying, "Younger Martial Brothers, there is no precedent for a bloody corpse. Be careful." Dark day and six ears saw Xuanyuan hand things, the body a shock, did not say much, took the jade card, silently went out, but their hearts are warm, brothers so, everything need not say more, they all know in their hearts. To say that the jade card given by Taiyi is not an ordinary jade card, but Taiyi spent a big Zhou Tian (365 days) to refine, because it is very difficult, Taiyi refined less, a total of only fifty yuan, nine disciples also only one piece, Xuanyuan because of the matter of Xiaoyao, made some sacrifices in practice, Taiyi gave one more piece. I didn't expect that today, for the sake of my younger martial brother, I even took out the jade card to save my life, but I didn't leave any of them. If there were no true feelings, it would be impossible to do so. As for the function of this jade tablet, it is to escape and open the way to the king. Is trapped by several times their own enemy, as long as the other side did not reach the level of the demon saint, will be able to break out, and lasting effectiveness, can also be used to kill the enemy. If the enemy is a little stupid, he will stand in the same place and fight hard, and he will deserve to be blown into slag. It is said that when the nine people of Xiaoyao acted separately. The bloody corpse is still raging, and the area bordering the west has already become a hell on earth. Dark days and six ears to the border section. Dark day sees the face of 6 ears sank to come down, ask: "What did the younger martial brother show?"? Why is your face so ugly? Six Ears: "Don't you think this place is too desolate?" As soon as the dark day listens, the facial expression is also dignified down, slowly closed the eye, as if was exploring anything, after a while, the dark day said slowly: "Here is too quiet.". There is no living creature around, which contains endless dead gas and resentment. There's a lot of blood not far away. Looks like we're here. Said here dark day suddenly opened his eyes, a trace of killing flashed, here to six ears said: "I'm afraid this is not as simple as a bloody corpse." When Liu Er heard this, he was a little surprised and asked, "How did you show up, Elder Martial Brother?" Dark sky. {/.com First Text } narrowed his eyes,garden jacuzzi tub, emitting a trace of coldness and bloodthirsty breath, and said: "It is at least a level of Demon Saint that can create such killing karma and lead to such resentment of the earth." The complexion of 6 ears cannot help a little ugly, say to dark day: "Demon way?" 。 monalisa.com