He Chenchen also did not conceal to Cheng Yijing, said truthfully: "Ivan wants four cushions with Thai elements, but our company can't produce them, so I came out to look for them for her." Cheng Yijing nodded, but still said: "If your company can not produce, you can directly refuse, she will report to me here, I will find her another supplier..." Cheng Yijing paused, "but if only four cushions, I may not find her, she has to report to their hotel purchasing department." Although SWANS Hotel is invested by Sig Group, the procurement is separate. The opening procurement is generally carried out by the owner, and the next small replenishment procurement is borne by the hotel itself. This part of the procurement cost will be spread into the hotel performance, so the hotel will generally purchase all the things it can purchase at the time of opening. But I promised her to solve it for her, but I didn't. He Chenchen was depressed again. "She said I was a liar and a waste of her time." Cheng Yijing finally knew why the little girl beside him was in a bad mood. He paused and said,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "Or you can give me the picture of the cushion. I'll see if I've seen it." Thinking that Cheng Yijing is the purchasing director, he must be well-informed. He Chenchen quickly took out his cell phone and showed the picture to Cheng Yijing. Cheng Yijing squinted at He Chenchen's cell phone and said with a smile, "What a coincidence! I know where it is." "Really?" He Chenchen couldn't believe it. I'm not sure. I'll show you first. Cheng Yijing smiled back. As a result, Cheng Yijing drove his car into the seascape villa area of Yalong Bay. He Chenchen always thought he was going to the store to buy it. He didn't want Cheng Yijing to take her to such a "sparsely populated" place. In addition to a few rare beautiful houses with single doors and courtyards, there were mangroves everywhere. He Chenchen didn't quite understand why Cheng Yijing brought her here. After Cheng Yijing parked the car in the garage, He Chenchen followed him out of the car and looked at the beautiful villa behind Cheng Yijing. This is my friend's property. When I come to Sanya,Alumina Ceramic C795, I sometimes stay here. Cheng Yijing explained. Oh, that's right. Do you have Ivan's decorative pillow? He Chenchen is now most concerned about solving the problem of Ivan's decorative pillow. Don't worry, since I brought you here, there must be some. Cheng Yijing gave He Chenchen a reassuring pill. He Chenchen is the first time to enter this kind of seascape villa. After entering the house, he found that the villa is really different from the ordinary house. The entrance is probably as big as her restaurant. You sit down and I'll get the pillow. Cheng Yijing finished and went up to the second floor through the wooden stairs on the left side of the entrance. He Chenchen continued to walk along the corridor in front of the entrance and found that there were two houses with full glass walls on both sides of the corridor, the living room on the left and a very large open kitchen on the right. The corridor leads directly to the garden of the villa, and there is a big swimming pool beside the garden. At night, the water of the swimming pool still emits a faint blue light. What a beautiful big house! As seen on TV, He Chenchen sighed that if she could struggle to such a house in her life, then her life would be complete! "What are you looking at?" Cheng Yijing came down and went to He Chenchen's side and asked softly. He Chenchen turned around and smiled, "nothing, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,ceramic igniter electrodes, just looking around." Cheng Yijing raised the decorative pillow in his hand and asked, "Do you think this style is OK?" He Chenchen took it over and saw that the pattern of the cushion was basically similar to that required by Ivan. It was also filled with high-grade latex. The quality was very good. He could not help saying happily, "This is definitely OK. Ivan likes this pattern. Can you sell it to me?" "This can't be sold." He Chenchen was stunned. It's for you. Cheng Yijing said with a generous smile. He Chenchen didn't want Cheng Yijing to tease her again. She was dumbfounding, but she was really embarrassed to take other people's things for no reason. Especially she felt that she owed Cheng Yijing a lot. "Just tell me how much this is, or I will feel very sorry.". ” "To tell you the truth, I don't know how much this is. Just take it. It doesn't matter." Cheng Yijing is obviously not going to collect money. He Chenchen still insisted on paying, "Cheng Zong, must tell me the price, I now feel that I owe you more and more, do not know how to pay back." "Just call me Jeff." Cheng Yijing said with a smile, "Besides, this pillow is also needed by the hotel. My purchasing director helps to find the goods, which is also to reduce the trouble for my future work." Hotel is a hotel, private is private, how can take private things for public use, but he Chenchen also knows that Cheng Yijing is impossible to collect money, he is not good to tangle with the problem of "money", can only owe him a favor, sincerely thank you, "thank you, Jeff." "It's very late. I'll take you back first." Cheng Yijing turned and opened the door. Uh He Chenchen followed with a smile. After getting on the car, He Chenchen held the decorative pillow, looked left and right, and could not stop praising, "This decorative pillow completely exceeded expectations, Ivan will certainly be very satisfied!" Ivan's side of the problem was finally solved, but also very perfectly solved, he Chenchen mouth rippled out of the two sweet pear vortex. Cheng Yijing saw her smiling happily, and could not help raising the corners of her mouth. When they arrived at Dadonghai, it was almost ten o'clock. He Chenchen looked at the busy beach not far away and asked Cheng Yijing, "Do you want to have a barbecue in the evening?" "I'm afraid I can't," said Cheng Yijing regretfully. "I'm going to New York on a business trip tomorrow, and I'll go to the office to sort out the information in the evening." He Chenchen thought Cheng Yijing was off work, and he didn't want to go to Yulan Bay so late, but. "You have a job to deal with,Ceramic Bobbin, so why did you come to me just now?" He Chenchen opened his eyes wide and said incredibly that Cheng Yijing had wasted several hours because of the decorative pillow. Cheng Yijing turned his head and looked at her with a smile, "because I don't think you're in a good mood, and I'm a little worried about you." Cheng Yijing unreservedly spoke out his concern for her. global-ceramics.com