In each city, there are countless essence, in the city is into a large number of strong ban, said to be the ancient city, in fact, is a way to refine the magic weapon to refine, once the crisis. It can control the ancient city, cooperate with numerous prohibitions in the city, and wield incomparably strong fighting power. Moreover, the ancient city is all located on the earth, itself is a continuous flow of countless forces between heaven and earth to the city gathered in the past, these forces. Some are used to refine the ancient city, while others are stored in the ancient city, once used, they will burst out completely. At that time, the power will be irresistible. Simply explain some things about the ancient city. With a twinkling light in his eyes, he sighed, "This is a secret that only belongs to the zombies of the five elements. However, it has never been used since it was refined in ancient times. Now that the golden armor is used, the secret will no longer be a secret." Indeed, since ancient times, the city in the underworld has not been used on its own initiative. First, after the refining,steatite c221, the first generation of zombie kings stipulated to each other that, no matter what, in the battle of the zombie king, they could only rely on their own strength and could not use the power of the ancient city. For thousands of years, no matter which generation of zombies, all comply with this agreement, as long as the zombie king between each other's fight, no one has ever violated,ceramic bobbin heater core, the department did not use the force of the ancient city to go, it is only used to see the rain of the ban. This kind of thing has continued to this day. The ancient city, which has never been seen before, has finally been thoroughly exposed in front of people because of the golden armor. Exposed, the secret will never be a secret again. Jinjia City is changing, which naturally reminds people of several other ancient cities. God, there is such an allusion. Unexpectedly, we have been living on a magic weapon. This is too incredible, red plum stare big eyes, appear extremely shocked. It's no wonder that it's hard not to be surprised to say such a thing. If not, who can know that the ancient city still has such terrible power. Empress, so to say, the two ancient cities occupied by the Shura clan also have such terrible power, then if they drive these two ancient cities to attack us, it will not be bad? Ao Xue thought far away, but what he saw was the two ancient cities occupied by the Shura people. I'm afraid disaster is coming. Pity heart but not too much horror, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, just indifferent smile, said: "Don't worry, the Shura clan they are not able to control the ancient city." Why? Sister Jade. At this time, Bu Huan jumped out of nowhere. He blinked his eyes and asked curiously. How interesting Pity smiled mysteriously. "Each of the five ancient cities represents a different power," he said. They are really powerful, but if you want to control them, you need a key. What is the key? Xiao Huan went on to say. The light in Aoxue's eyes flashed, as if she had guessed something. She hesitated and said, "Empress, is it possible that the key to the ancient city is the source of the five elements in Empress's body?" "Well!" Liu Aoxue nodded approvingly and said, "Yes, the source of the five elements is the only key to control them. Without the source of the five elements in hand, the Shura people can't control them even if they know that the ancient city is a treasure.". Even if they are sacrificed again, the time it will take is incalculable. "Boom!"! As he spoke, the battle in the void had entered a white-hot situation. The ancient city is vast, rampaging, bursting out endless divine light, bombarding the sea of blood again and again, and the sea of blood is also incomparably strong, constantly roaring. Although it can not be compared with the strength accumulated by the ancient city for countless years, it can also support the wind. The demon God condensed by blood and water also burst out with amazing power. In front of the ancient city, any power is pale, today we will give you this sea of blood. Broken! 。 The sound of the golden armor sounded like thunder, and the ancient city was pressed down again. The golden light was so brilliant that it suddenly pressed on the huge demon God, and the destructive power was released on the demon God. Unexpectedly, in an instant, the Demon God collapsed and turned into countless blood, flying everywhere. The ancient city did not stop, still ferocious to the sea of blood. To break the sea of blood. Hum, don't be arrogant, let you know today. No matter how strong your ancient city is, how can you resist the treasure of Lao Zu. yuan Tu, chop!! At this time. The Asura finally made a move and saw the fierce flame of the ancient city. His eyes burst out with a cold light. With a loud roar and a wave of his hand, the ancient sword on the left rose into the air. A heavy wave toward the fallen ancient city. Boom! Countless cold murderous look burst out from the sword, the sword gas blood red, emerged, quickly condensed in midair into a huge jar color sword. He beheaded the ancient city heavily. Bang, bang, bang! How terrible yuan Tu is, it is the treasure of killing way bred in the sea of blood, the top innate Lingbao. With a nose, even compared to the Tai Chi diagram of such a congenital treasure is not much worse. As long as they show their murderous look, they can kill countless creatures without moving. Asura naturally can't wield all the power of yuan Tu, but he can also wield six or seven points, which is a terrible killer. The huge jar sword condensed by thousands of bloody swords fell heavily on the ancient city, and the blood rose to the sky. Under the guidance of yuan Tu, the murderous look in the sea of blood seemed to be guided. The crazy boat gathered in the blood sword and accumulated infinite strength. This chop. Blood and gold burst out at the same time. Two kinds of divine light filled the whole void in an instant. The power of terror makes the void tremble violently. The power of the supreme treasure of the yuan Slaughter Way is at this time. Thoroughly revealed, the blood sword unexpectedly after colliding with the golden light for a while, the living breaks the golden light. Cut it down directly to the ancient city itself. Roar! The figure of basalt above the ancient city roared out of the sky, and his body shone brightly. Boom! Blood sword cut in the basalt body,ceramic welding tape, divine light intertwined with each other, immediately set off a bright sky, the void is being destroyed. The divine light fills the whole world.