"You really don't want to ***ing live." Such a thing happened in the plane, although the big bald head made a lot of noise, but the police had arrived at this time, those stewardesses naturally did not dare to meddle. When the police saw Xia Feng, they were stunned. After comparing the pictures in the mobile phone, they naturally did not dare to neglect. The captain specifically explained that there was an important guest in the luxury cabin. The captain also specifically explained that even if the guest blew up the plane, he could not control it. So Xiao Wang, the captain of the police, naturally did not dare to neglect. In fact, the captain's special explanation is also intentional. Xia Feng's identity is not easy to disclose, so the captain naturally can only explain like this. The first captain is afraid that Xia Feng will really do something special. These police officers will be unfavorable to Xia Feng. You should know that the boss of the Chinese underworld personally sent the guests. The captain of such a character certainly dare not neglect, so he explained to Xiao Wang. This person must be taken good care of, no matter what conditions must be met. When Xiao Wang saw Xia Feng, he immediately went over and said, "Mr. Xia?"? What can I do for you? Xia Feng looked up at the police officer and nodded in his heart. It seemed that he was very thorough in handling affairs. The police officer knew himself at a glance, and he must have been confessed. The big bald head was already very angry, but now when he saw the police coming,Ceramic Band Heater, he naturally shouted abuse. Pointing at Xia Feng, he said, "Police, this man threw garbage at me. I want to complain about you." The police did not even look at the big bald head, and then stood in front of the summer wind waiting for the instructions of the summer wind, but the heart constantly despised the big bald head, what kind of garlic are you? This great God is specially told by the captain. Even if he blows up the plane,cordierite c520, he can't control it. You can imagine the power of this man. Xia Feng smiled and said, "Have I lost you?" Why didn't you lose me? Whose ***ing thing is this? The big bald man was still holding the jar in his hand and cursed. Xia Feng spread out his hands and said, "There are so many passengers here. Ask them who saw me lose you." Yes, this sentence immediately let the people around secretly pleased, originally they are not used to what the big bald head did, and Xia Feng is out of justice, even if these people do not want to cause trouble will not testify to the big bald head, so for a time the passengers are silent. This time it was the big bald man's turn to be stunned: "What the *** do you all say?"? The boy just threw a jar at me. Are you all blind? Xia Feng wry smile, this kind of goods "color" also dare to come out to pretend "force"? Really do not know how such a person is mixed to the present situation, you beg others to do things and shout abuse? Xia Feng actually did not intend to let the passengers testify, look at the attitude of the police already know that the day of sin has been agreed, and this big bald head actually did not have this eyesight, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin element, did not see that the police simply did not pay attention to you? What a stupid "force". The passengers were unwilling to be scolded by the big bald head. The people sitting here were either rich or noble, so they still had some people who were not afraid of anything. What happened just now made them despise for a long time. Now the big bald head even cursed people, so someone immediately reacted. This big bald man has been cursing here all the time, and he also said that people had lost him? I think he poured it on his own head. A middle-aged man with glasses said disdainfully. Yeah, I didn't see anyone throw him either. "It's his own mouth full of shit." People are like this, originally everyone is not happy, once someone took the lead, all people began to react. The big bald head didn't think things would turn out like this, so for a moment he really didn't know what to do: "You, do you know who I am?" "Who are you?" "Yes!" The big bald head is now blushing and has a thick neck, but he has no alternative. Who let him offend the public? Xia Feng shook his head helplessly and said, "I don't want to see him again. Take him down and greet him well." Xiao Wang immediately nodded when he heard this, and then took several people behind him to the big bald head and handcuffed him. What are you doing? Damn, I want to complain about you, I do your plane is to see you dare to touch me, I let your captain can not remember to go! The big bald head did not stop after being held by several people. Will Xiao Wang pay attention to him? Even if Xia Feng asked to kill the big bald Xiao Wang on the plane, he would not stop it, because Xiao Wang knew the identity of the captain, but it was related to the underworld who hurt him. What would be the identity of a person who was so cautious about the captain? When he got to Xia Feng, Xia Feng stood up and walked up to the big bald man. He grinned and said, "What's the matter?"? I want to see how you get me into trouble. Then he patted the big bald man hard on his face and said, "If you don't have the ability, go home and hold the baby. Is it a bird to pack eggs here?"? Is it great to have a few stinking money? How much money do you think you are alive? Ah Pa Pa ~ ~ ~ Two consecutive slaps hit the big bald head full of stars, Xia Feng's strength can be imagined, but Xia Feng has maintained his strength will not kill the big bald head. The passengers who received these two slaps all cheered to themselves, but Xia Feng disdained to return to his seat and said, "These two slaps were for that child. Remember, you were also forced to be born by your mother." "Haha ~ ~" Xia Feng's words immediately aroused the resonance of the passengers. The words of the big bald head just now were really ugly, but now Xia Feng has returned the original flavor to the big bald head even more ruthlessly. Although Xia Feng said very vulgar, now the passengers think that Xia Feng said too well, there is no vulgar taste at all. The little boy's mother took a grateful look at Xia Feng, who nodded to indicate that it was all right. After this incident, the passengers were very happy, so they also chatted with each other in a low voice, because the big bald head just now was too annoying, and now Xia Feng has completely driven everyone's temper. After sorting out this matter, Xiao Wang came to the door of the cabin and looked at Xia Feng. This is the man of God. If he doesn't speak, he will make a big splash. Although the words just now are very vulgar, they are always very comfortable. Thinking of this, Xiao Wang nodded to himself and walked over,Kamado bbq grill, saying, "Mr. Xia, the big bald head has been dealt with by us just now. Do you have any orders?" 。 global-ceramics.com