"Demons?" Shi Yan was surprised for a moment. "Are you going to tell me that the soul skill is related to the demons?" It is by using your hatred, greed, delusion, obsession and resentment that you gather into a group of demons in a special way, and then leave a mark on your soul in the demons, which can form a demon soul in a short time. The Demon Soul is a false soul of yours. When you are attacked by the soul of the Soul Bead, you only need to release the Demon Soul. The power of the soul of the Soul Bead will destroy your false soul, but your true soul will not be affected at all. "Demon Soul?"? Just a fake soul? "Hum" Xuan Bing cold flame some impatient, "that guy practice of the demon soul, of course, more than that, he can use the heart demon repair into a real demon soul. The real demon soul is the second soul, which has the same magical power and even the second knowledge of the sea. Once it finds the right body, the demon soul can even form the second demon soul, which is condensed by the heart demon. It has the life brand of the main soul and the memory and knowledge of the main soul. As long as the demon soul is weaker than the main soul, it will be controlled by the main spirit. But once the demon is stronger than the main spirit, it can even control the main Let a strong man become a bloodthirsty maniac. "According to you, wouldn't it be one more life to have a demon soul?" "It is in this way to become a demon soul, at the critical moment, the main soul can sacrifice the demon soul to escape.". As long as you survive, you can continue to reunite with the Demon Soul, which is of great use. The main soul and the Demon Soul, as long as one lives, can regenerate the other. They complement each other and are very powerful. "Hey, this demon soul's method of cultivation is really awesome." "Hum, I won't tell you how to cultivate the demon soul. What I teach you to form is only a false soul. It can only be sacrificed without any magic power.". If you know how to practice the demon soul, you will definitely deal with me in the future. Don't even think about it. Shi Yan laughed twice, knowing that it was not practical to get the method of cultivating the demon soul from Xuanbing Cold Flame in a short time. He did not insist on it. He continued to send a message: "Then you tell me the method of condensing the false soul." It's like this, you gather hatred, greed, delusion, obsession,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, resentment, and all kinds of negative emotions in your body into a soul group in your mind. As soon as the soul group is formed, your soul is suddenly injected into the false soul, and then quickly left, so that you can leave your soul brand in the false soul, so that the soul group has your soul seal, forming a false soul. "So simple?" Of course, it's more than that. Halfway through, I will control part of the power and comb the soul group for you. Then you can inject the soul, I do not help you, you will be directly retained by the false soul, the demons will dominate all of you, so that you become a bloodthirsty maniac, no sense of autonomy. Halfway through, you help me? How to help? Shi Yan snorted coldly, "You can't come out of the blood stripe ring." "This ghost ring has been binding me, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin heater, my soul can not come out at all, but my consciousness can reveal some.". Hum, if my soul could leave this ghost ring, I would have left long ago. "Well, let's try it now." As the master of the blood stripe ring, Shiyan can control some blood stripe rings. However, he has long made up his mind, no matter what, he will not be bound in the blood stripe ring Xuanbing cold flame power to remove, this Xuanbing cold flame is too evil and powerful, always want to occupy his soul, take away his body. He is more afraid of Xuanbing Cold Flame than Gathering Soul Beads. So from the beginning to the end, he has always stressed that he will not open a little blood stripe ring. Cut the crap and hurry up. The soul mirror formed by the soul beads may bring the soul of the magic man at any time. As soon as the soul of the magic man comes out, we must rush to the soul gathering pool immediately. You must get the soul gathering bead before the magic man finds you, so that you can absorb him with the soul gathering bead. Otherwise, you will die. Said to Xuanbing Cold Flame, Shi Yan did not dare to hesitate, took a deep breath, and slowly withdrew his mind from the blood stripe ring. Looking around, Shiyan felt that there was something wrong with this place. It was at the entrance of the valley where the soul beads were gathered. There was no guarantee that there would be an ancient family coming and going. If it was the master of the ancient family who came, he would just let go of his divine consciousness to search, and maybe he would be able to show his traces. Thought for a moment, to be on the safe side, Shiyan also flew down from above, quickly away from the valley. A few hours later, Shiyan came to the side of the earth mountain. He dug a hole in the earth mountain and went in to condense the false soul. When all kinds of negative forces come out, when there is no purifying power in the acupoint, the negative emotions that can affect his mind seem to be hidden in the acupoint. Shiyan's mental power deliberately gathers some negative emotions from the acupoints on his body and slowly escapes into his mind. Hatred, greed, delusion, obsession, resentment and other thoughts repeatedly emerged in Shiyan's mind. Under the detailed explanation of Xuanbing Cold Flame, once these thoughts gushed out of his mind, they immediately condensed with negative emotions and gradually converged in his mind. After a long time, in Shiyan's mind, there was a gray cyclone, which was filled with all kinds of negative emotions and demons. These emotions condensed into an air mass, constantly affecting Shiyan, making Shiyan gnash his teeth and have the idea of bloodthirsty killing. This is somewhat similar to the situation when Shiyan's cave purifies those forces, but it is still a little weaker, but it does not completely destroy Shiyan's mind, so that Shiyan falls into the situation of not knowing who he is. All right, I'll change it for you. The consciousness of black ice and cold flame flew out of the blood stripe ring and fell quietly into Shiyan's mind. As if facing a formidable enemy, Shiyan was not worried about the cyclone formed in his mind, but was afraid that the black ice and cold flame would suddenly cause trouble. He cautiously sensed, sensed the consciousness of the black ice and cold flame, but now this consciousness is not strong, it seems that there is no mixed memory and wisdom, and his spiritual power, just a simple spiritual energy, this spiritual energy, has not attached any aggression. Shi Yan did not dare to relax,alumina c799, secretly on guard, ready to once the black ice cold flame of that spiritual energy has a negative move on him, immediately at all costs to block. He was worried about what Xuan Bing Han Yan would do. global-ceramics.com