"You come to the hospital quickly, Ming Qiu-, your aunt Ye has cried and fainted twice-" she must be crying, Jingya clearly heard her sniffing. She was startled, but lost her mind. Mom, what's wrong? Did something happen to Wu Qiu? His fingers clenched the microphone involuntarily, and even his body tightened. Remembering that there was still a phone call that had not been hung up, he hurriedly said sorry, contacted again, and then concentrated on answering his mother's phone. "Jingya, Mingqiu, he -- oh, God has no eyes, he is still so young --" Mom, what's going on? What's wrong with Ming Qiu? She opened her eyes wide and could almost hear her heart thudding, thudding, heavy and slow. Terrible thoughts flashed through her mind, and her face gradually froze. I only heard my mother's gentle voice at the other end, as if she were sad. "He is ill, very ill." Without thinking about it, she blurted out: What's wrong with him? Ask Chen Yu to go and see! Mother smiled bitterly on the phone, as if in despair. It's no use,stainless steel edging strip, it's too late. Advanced liver cancer. She felt a crash in her brain, sitting at her desk like a wooden chicken, with a Montblanc in her hand that she had picked up from Ren Jingdong's desk across the paper, a thin crack, as if half of the black line had fallen on it. Works Related to the Story of Jing Ya (21) "How so?" I do not know why, she suddenly remembered that when she was a child, playing house, a child in the courtyard, he always played the groom,china tile trim, she played the bride. They are in the same "home", "making a fire", "cooking" and "washing". A group of children were together, several of them changed their teeth at the same time, and they laughed happily with their mouths missing two front teeth. He said "Shall we live like this until we die of old age?" She grabbed the braid, raised her little face and looked at him, with a tiger-headed and childish face, and said with a smile: "You're older than me and must die before me, so we won't be together." Tender and soft voice, a joke of childhood. But unexpectedly, a prophecy. After all, the heart is painful, growing up together, she has to admit that the feelings of childhood sweethearts, even Bai Chenyu, aluminium edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, can not be replaced. She dropped the phone, got up and rushed out. Ren Jingdong, who opened the door and came in, was knocked down. It took her a long time to react. She ran into the elevator with tears on her face and knocked down the assistant sister who came out of the elevator. Everyone froze and looked at each other in bewilderment. She hurried to the hospital, only to see her father and mother standing outside the ward. Aunt Ye cried so hard that she could not stand steadily. The nurse and her mother stood at the door of the ward, holding her left and right, watching the people inside crying and weeping through half of the glass on the door. She suddenly stopped and was a little afraid to walk over. The father turned around and saw that his father, who had always been a refined and elegant man, was also red-eyed. For him, Mingqiu's feelings are as good as father and son, and his mother never treats him as an outsider. For so many years, they never thought that they would encounter such a thing today. She stood at the end of the corridor and watched her father come quickly. She had tears in her eyes and looked at him blankly, not knowing what to say. "You're here. Come with me." He went to the corner of the terrace, she took a look at the door of the ward, only to see Aunt Ye looking at her with a sad face, eyes, was desperate pleading. She burst into tears, gritted her teeth, and turned to follow her father. "Dad." She called him softly and looked at his father standing on the terrace, the wind blowing a thin coat on his body, which had a heavy taste. Jingya, Mingqiu, there is not much time left. ” She lowered her head and looked at the tips of the shoes. This year's latest style, the last time he went to Paris, he took it directly from the designer behind the runway and gave it to her specially. This is according to her favorite feeling, specially asked the designer to do for her, in this world, can not find the second pair. For some reason, there was a little trance in her mind. When I was a child, I loved to be smug. "I want to be the most beautiful princess in the world." "I will be the most handsome prince in the world." He stood beside her with a smile, half a head taller than her. She raised her face slightly to look at him and said: "Then you must prepare the most beautiful clothes for me, and I will be the most beautiful bride in the world." He turned around, his little face somewhat heroic, nodded heavily, and promised decisively and simply. "Well, in the future, tell me what kind of clothes you want to wear, and I'll bring them to you." Later, he gave up the opportunity to go on stage, insisted on going to the art college, went to the stage, received training, and went abroad to participate in the competition. Finally, she became famous in the World Model Competition and won the prize. When I called her, I was ecstatic. "Jingya, you say, I can send you whatever clothes you want now." She was so stupefied that she never thought that a joke in her childhood would make him take it seriously and use that way to realize her childhood dream. He thought she was going to be his bride. With more and more guilt, she was more and more afraid to face him. Only escape! There was a drop of water on her face, and she reached out to wipe it, and her fingertips were wet. Is it raining? She raised her head and the sun was high. It turned out to be tears. Ear father whispered something,aluminium tile trim profiles, she missed a lot did not hear clearly, only the last sentence, she heard clearly. 。 jecatrims.com