The room quieted down for a moment, but Yue Guanhai woke up first. He wanted to slap himself a few times at the moment. "Sister, we are incompetent and did not protect you." Yue Guanhai felt most sorry for Yu Ying and said sadly, "If only we had found you earlier, so that you could suffer less grievances, but we never looked for you." "Six elder brothers, and I am about the same age, the days in the Yue family are not necessarily perfect, to quote an ancient saying: people are born to suffer." Yu Ying's eyes with a kind of see through the world, but there is no resentment, "people can not bear hardships, but can not enjoy the blessing, otherwise six elder brother's illness will not be so early." Even Yu Ying's voice, also with a kind of indescribable consideration, Yu Ying does not want to let Yue Guanhai black. My sister is really clever. Yue Guanhai breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. Yue Guanhai never thought that the younger sister could see so clearly that she was worried that she had suffered so much over the years and resented the Yue family in her heart. Unexpectedly, he didn't have to explain at all, and my sister knew it. Another thing is that if my sister goes back and meets someone from the Li family, she must be careful. Yue Guanhai reminded Yu Ying. Brother Six, in fact, I have long suspected that the Li family will not welcome us from one thing. At this point, Yu Ying stopped talking and looked at Yue Guanhai with a smile. Then Yu Ying opened her mouth and said,tile trim manufacturers, "The ancients said: Sake makes people's faces red, and money and silks move people's hearts.". Without us, in whose hands would this property of the Yue family fall? Can such a large amount of property not touch people's hearts? "Indeed, without you and me, the property of the Yue family would have fallen into the hands of the Li family." Yue Guanhai nodded repeatedly. The younger sister who suddenly appeared did not know what kind of evil, originally Yue Guanhai only thought that the younger sister was a research talent, did not understand the ways of the world, unexpectedly saw so clearly,aluminum tile edge trim, so that she would not be cheated. By this time, Yue Guanhai decided to tell his sister about the Li family. At the beginning, the reason why my parents went to Europa to find a surrogate mother was that they wanted to leave the connections of the Li family. Even so, there were two of us, and neither of our brothers was alive. Yue Guanhai went on to say that Yu Ying looked thoughtful after hearing this. Even though my brothers didn't survive, my mother still put me in sixth place. Yue Guanhai said here, looking at Yu Ying, "You are the seven fairies." "Thank you. Mother must be a good woman." Yu Ying said, "Thank you. Even though yuan Ying died on the remote planet Xinwei 46, she was still the little seven fairies of the Yue family." "Brother Six, since this is the case, you and I must get back all the things we owe to the Yue family." When Yu Ying spoke, her tone became very solemn and her eyes were serious. Of course, we owe it to us, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, and we will get it back one by one. Yue Guanhai said. In fact, I suspect that for so many years, I haven't found any news about you. It's the Li family's trick. They buried a lot of nails in Yue's house for their property. Although because I was hit by a genetic virus, I pulled out a lot of them, but I'm afraid there are still nails in the Yue family. Yue Guanhai said. By contrast, Yue Guanhai's way of doing things is much more ruthless than his parents, directly sending those nails to the afterlife. So when it comes to this, Yue Guanhai is full of murderous look. Brother Six, don't worry, I'll help you. In fact, the Li family is also the enemy of our brother and sister, the virus in the mother, I am afraid it is their Li family. Did I guess right? Yu Ying still asked. It's them, you know, the father was the direct branch of the Li family at the beginning. Yue Guan Hai grew up in Yue's home and naturally knew more things. But what we didn't expect was that our grandfather died in a war between the Alliance and the Rhine Empire. At that time, my father was still young, and the head of the Li family set up another heir, so the original direct branch became a side branch. Yue Guanhai said this with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. It's natural to tell your sister what's going on. In fact, the new heir was born to the head of the Li family and his second wife, who was many years younger than him. Speaking of this, Yue Guanhai took a look at Yu Ying. "So, I said, how can my father be the grandson of the old man?"? I don't even care about it. The pillow is very windy. Speaking of this, Yu Ying curled her lips. Is the old man still alive? Yu Ying asked, when I first read the information, Yu Ying felt all kinds of wrong. Although the son is dead, he still has a grandson. Why did the head of the Li family do this? I see. At this moment, Yue Guanhai also thought of this, the dead old man of the Li family later gave up his position to the youngest son, but let the only blood of the eldest son become a neglected person. Fortunately, the Yue family and the father of the child were sworn brothers and took the child away. The old man is still alive. He has so many filial sons and worthy grandsons to take care of him. Naturally, he is alive and well. Yue Guanhai had no good impression of his father's grandfather, so naturally there were no polite words. Why, is my sister going to see him? Yue Guanhai asked with some seriousness, "I'm afraid he's going to do something when he sees his sister." After all, the old man wanted to swallow the whole Yue family and let the Yue family become the nourishment of the Li family. Who cares about him? At the beginning, he had been looking on coldly, so I hope that one day, something big happened to the Li family, and I hope he can still look on coldly! When Yu Ying said this, the smile at the corners of her mouth was extremely cold. "Six elder brothers, the Li family is not necessarily monolithic, six elder brothers should know a word, the tree has withered branches, this time there is a chance to make trouble." Yu Ying is talking with fervor and assurance at the moment. But Yue Guanhai knew at the moment that his sister was going to let the Li family fall apart, so he was a little shocked, why was his sister so ferocious? This is totally different from my parents. In fact,stainless steel edge trim, six elder brothers, if not the Li family forced his parents to leave the familiar Oriental District, how could his father fall into Elizabeth's Bureau and become a man who died in vain. Yu Ying thought for a moment and explained the reason for what she had done.