In a word, all three of them changed their faces. The meaning of his words is. Even if Baili Mengyan went in, there was no way to bring Si Qianxu out. Ha ha ha ha! That's right! That's it! Yue Xiyin, how do you feel that your son died inside for you? Yue Xiyin, say it! Even after losing a hand, Pang Dingkun was still insolent, floating out of the ring of fire, laughing proudly, and there was already a state of madness between his eyebrows. Yue Xiyin almost bit off a mouthful of silver teeth, because he was hit by the other side's palm and kept coughing up fresh blood, dripping on a black suit. Pang Dingkun suddenly shouted, "What are you still doing?"? Why don't you kill them?! After we kill them, God's treasure is ours! Ha ha, ha ha ha.. All the people with different abilities present were willing to betray themselves to work for Pang Dingkun because they were greedy for the treasure of the legendary God. At this time, there was no reason to let them go? Was immediately instigated red eyes, have taken up arms to kill up! Dead Yi Wu Qian Mu and Shan Fei three people are surprised, where is this to want the key of what broken treasure? Pang Dingkun simply wants to kill Yue Xiyin! "Yue Xiyin, go to hell!"! For Su Lan, you go to die! Go to hell Crazy words, let them kill more. Greedy heart,stainless steel tile trim, sacrifice with blood. Text Volume III: Forgetting to Return (67) Updated: 2010-12-30 17:44:47 Words in this Chapter: 2311 Words are divided into two parts. Blazing yellow. A blazing yellow. Everywhere you look, there is a sea of fire. Hot. Better than the heat of boiling water. The heat that burns directly into the soul. This is the only feeling that Si Qianxu, who fell into the sea of fire, can think of at this time. The place where he hung was so close to the ground, but when he fell, he could not touch the ground, as if the fire had really jumped up from hell! The whole body is stiff,metal trim manufacturers, as if it is firmly grasped by countless hands, imprisoned, even if it is consumed by flames, it can not even roll and twist in pain. The flame eerily could not burn, but directly burned the soul! That kind of pain, as if someone had disassembled the bones, crushed the flesh, turned it into powder, and thrown it into the path of reincarnation, rearranged and assembled cell by cell, even the sound of screaming could not come out. In less than ten seconds, it is like the most cruel and horrible torture in the eighteenth layer of hell! I can't shout! Can't escape! I can't get rid of it! Such pain, so that he can not forget this life and future generations! It's a mark in the bone. Suddenly, a dark shadow fell from the sky and hugged Si Qianxu fiercely before he could react. A blue boundary like a clear sky blocked the hot flame and stopped the rapid fall. Cold, stainless tile trim ,tile profile factory, body. Relative to the temperature of the flame, the body of the man holding him was undoubtedly cold. Si Qianxu was shocked all over, and his whole head was empty in an instant. No one knows better than he who the owner of this embrace belongs to. Just, just.. In spite of the intense pain in his throat, Si Qianxu lost his voice and cried: "How can you be here!!?" The voice was full of horror. Baili Mengyan did not listen, holding him with almost suffocating strength, trembling all over. Shallow Xu, shallow Xu, shallow Xu. One after another, so sorrowful, so cautious, as if treading on thin ice. There was a warm liquid dripping on his naked neck, and Si Qianxu was stunned. Cried? Baili Mengyan.. Cried? How could this indifferent and proud man cry? "Meng Yan?"? Meng Yan! Regardless of the sharp pain in his body, Si Qianxu forcefully broke off his head buried in his neck. Baili Mengyan stiffened, or obediently raised his head, that always indifferent and cold beautiful face, unexpectedly are mottled tears, see Si Qianxu heart a burst of unspeakable bitterness. This fierce and proud child, when has he ever tried to be so fragile. Baili Mengyan looked at his pale and miserable appearance, carefully avoided the dagger on his shoulder that had not yet been pulled out, and felt more uncomfortable in his heart. When he looked sideways, he inadvertently touched Si Qianxu's wrist, and his eyes could not help but tremble again. Pang Dingkun used to tie his rope is not thick, so it is easier to sink into the flesh, flesh and blood eversion, Si Qianxu's two wrists have been able to see dense bones, because of the previous several movements, so that the already sticky together wounds open again, oozing strands of blood. Such a horrible injury, so that the two hands have been unable to see the original play with antiques when the slender phalanx clear. Only then did Baili Mengyan realize that even in such a hot environment, Si Qianxu's body temperature was terribly low, cold and weak, as if it would disappear with a little more effort. Feeling his gaze, Si Qianxu sighed and said, "Meng Yan, get out of here." Although the boundary blocks part of the power of the array, he can only move his hands. Si Qianxu could clearly feel the bondage of this formation to him. Irresistible. Imprisonment. So he didn't want to risk another man's life. Moreover, the boundary also began to thin under the burning flame, and the face of Baili Mengyan became more and more ugly. He avoided the wounded place, hugged Si Qianxu tightly and tried to fly up to leave the fire, but after several times of spiritual power, his face was as pale as snow. How, how.. The voice did not fall, Baili Mengyan thought of the moment of panic when Yuexiyin saw the ring of fire and the conversation with Pang Dingkun behind him,tile trim factory, and his heart immediately cooled. This is a karmic fire, a karmic fire brought by hell. Even ghosts and spirits at the level of gods and emperors can't escape completely. I'm afraid this array is a life-for-life. If no one dies here, then the person who casts the spell will die!.