"Certainly not without substance.". However, both the entity and the energy body are made up of a certain form of molecules, and it just uses its own nature to become energy molecules to lie on you. On the surface, in fact, what you reflect on your body is a tattoo. In this way, it is equivalent to a part of your skin and will not affect any of your actions. However, the sacred beast of the space department can eat very much, and what it eats is all good things, you will understand later. Heavenly Mark, where is your sacred beast? How did it get into your body and disappear? Lan Lan asked in surprise. Tian Hen took one look at her and said with a smile, "It's all right. It's god-level. Like Na Xue, it has become attached to me in other forms.". How are you? Can you hold on? Would you like to take a break? Feeling the concern of the sky mark and recalling the way he held himself, Lan Lan blushed and said, "Let's rest for a while.". You must be tired, too. The two men floated down toward a hill. Their figures look so harmonious. Two people so stop and go, because the sky mark does not want to expose oneself now after the promotion ability causes the blue suspicion, they spent three days, only then successfully returns to the base. Seeing the familiar wall of the base, Lan Lan's eyes suddenly turned red. He took one look at Tian Hen and said, "Tian Hen, do you know?"? When we were sucked into that dark forbidden place, I thought we wouldn't come back alive. Her voice choked, and two crystal tears ran down her white face. Tian Hen carefully scattered the tears from Lan Lan's pretty face,shuttle rack system, which could be broken by blowing bullets. "Aren't we back?" He said with a smile? It's sweet after suffering. These days, there are many intimate actions between them, even they have not noticed, many of these actions are very ambiguous. Outside the base figure a flash, a white light to meet up, the sky mark fixed his eyes to see, it is his brother Jerry. Jerry looked at the sky mark, looked at the blue blue, and then looked at their hands together,mobile racking systems, tongue-tied way: "Wow, no.". You guys are developing so fast that you secretly go out for a tryst? Tian Hen and Lan Lan were stunned at the same time. Only then did they realize that something was wrong. They quickly loosened their hands and each made a big red face. Tian Hen said awkwardly, "Elder Martial Brother, it's not what you think." Jerry Hei Hei smiled, raised his thumb to the sky mark, and said, "OK, no need to explain.". Elder Martial Brother understands. Good boy, you are very capable! Even Lan Lan can catch up with you. Elder Martial Brother, I admire you. Tian Hen just wanted to explain again, but Lan Lan rushed to say, "OK, don't be garrulous.". If you don't practice in the base, why do you run out? Jerry laughed and said, "It's boring to practice every day.". I came out to exercise, and I happened to see you, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and what about me? Didn't you sneak out, too? Or two people together. As they spoke, they had landed on the ground and walked together to the base. After entering the base, Jerry laughed and said, "Well, I'll go back first. I won't bother you." With these words, the figure flashed, and a few phantoms went back to their rooms. Only the awkward sky mark and blue are left. Sky Mark lowers a head, way: "I am sorry, it is my bad, let him misunderstand." As if nothing had happened, Lan Lan said with a smile, "All right, it's his business what he wants to think. We just need to know it in our hearts.". We are good friends! And a good friend who has gone through life and death. You go back, too. I think Seri must be very anxious. I also have to explain to sister Yehuan. I hope she hasn't woken up since I left her for a few days. With that, Lan Lan left Tianhen a gentle smile and floated up to his room. The sky mark in the heart a warm, our own psychological understand on the line? What does she mean? Hey, don't think too much. Anyway, we are just good friends. A straight body is not afraid of a crooked shadow. Back to the room belonging to himself and Seri, pushing the door and entering, Tianhen was surprised to find that Seri was not experimenting as he had imagined, but sitting there, not knowing what he was thinking. Brother, what's wrong with you? Is there something wrong with the experiment? Tianhen asked in surprise. Seri raised his head and saw that it was the sky mark. He was stunned for a moment. Then, with a cheer, his short and fat body jumped to the front of the sky mark and grabbed the shoulder of the sky mark with both hands. "I'm worried to death. You're back.". Do you know that when you leave these days, I don't even have the mood to do experiments and say, did you go to the forbidden place by yourself? The sky mark fully realized that friendship is one of the most precious feelings, and Seri, the research madman, even put aside the most important experiments for himself. Big brother, I.. Now he really didn't know what to say, and there seemed to be something in his throat. All right, you don't have to explain. It's good for you to come back anyway. Oh, by the way, did you see Lan Lan? I accidentally spilled the beans. As soon as she heard that she had gone out, she immediately ran to find you. Sky Mark nodded and said, "I met Lan Lan. Don't worry, brother. We came back together." Serry breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "That's good, that's good.". As long as everyone is all right, the world will be peaceful. Hurry up and have a rest. There are still fruits on the table that I went out to pick. You eat some first. Tian Hen put his arm around Sai Li's shoulder. "Big brother, I'm sorry to worry you.". It won't happen in the future. Shall I accompany you to collect herbs tomorrow? Seri laughed and said, "No, we don't even have a holy animal hair around our base. All kinds of medicines nearby are enough for me to study for the time being. I'll go by myself.". Everyone is busy practicing now, and they are holding their breath in the dark, just to see who has the strongest ability. You have to start working hard, and don't lag too far behind. I'm relieved when you come back. You can rest and I'll start my research. As he spoke, he loosened his grip on the shoulder of the sky mark, turned to his pile of strange instruments, and got busy. After eating some of the fruits mentioned by Saili, Tianhen sat cross-legged on his bed,push back racking system, calmed down, completely adducted his mind, and felt the changes in his body. jracking.com