And this year's work, for Lin Daidai won a lot of praise, also let her in the box office record and refresh a few strokes, "Magic 6" first premiere, at this time Lin Daidai because of the wonderful performance of these roles of Eve Aidra Xuantian, the attraction of fans has reached a very high level, in the eyes of fans, Lin Daidao has never let them down. Coupled with the magic series of inherent magic fans, "Magic 6" after the release, the box office all the way up, and finally ended with $1.832 billion, once again breaking the box office record of "Magic 5", and "Magic 6" in a look up and a look back are amorous feelings of Xuantian Enchantress is also sought after by many American fans, so that Americans can see what is called Celestial Beauty, what is called high style sexy. Women account for a lot of the fans who pursue Lin Daidai. It seems that Lin Daidai's power is still taken by both men and women! After watching "Magic 6", many Western CP fans are organized. Although Xuantian and the Sith still look like a good match, they are more like this. Xuantian only belongs to them, not to anyone. If it weren't for the strong affection and popularity accumulated by the Sith in the magic series, he might really make people jealous and hate, and then turn into black. Following the release of "Magic 6" is "The 2". Lin's two films show a fierce fight at the box office. This week,heavy duty cantilever racks, the box office of "Magic 6" has gained the upper hand. Next week, the box office of "The 2" will catch up. The relationship between the two is both competition and mutual support, because people who have seen "Devil 6" basically go back to see "The 2." And the person that has seen "this 2" also can see "demon 6" commonly. After all, the male and female stars of these two films are both these two people, and watching one is inevitably like watching the other. In these two films, the characters of the protagonists are completely different, which makes the audience admire their acting skills even more. In "The 2", Eddie was turned into a vampire by Eve,warehousing storage solutions, and the audience experienced a series of changes from a person to a vampire from his perspective, and also saw the magnificence of the vampire world, the gorgeous scenes of handsome men and beautiful women, the line-ups gathered by big names, and the plot of humorous and undistorted feelings, which made the audience more obsessed with the play. Old Henry put a meaningful egg at the end of "The 2", which was a fleeting wedding scene and a baby crying, which made some fans who guessed but could not be sure of the content of "The 3" roll on the official website for "The 3". Of course, old Henry will not pay attention to them, although "The 3" was already in the process of shooting, but they have planned, "The 3" will be released in 2013. And it is worth mentioning that, in 2012, Lin Daidai on behalf of China to participate in a star games program, mobile racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, the sports program invited athletes are all stars from all over the world, Lin Daidai because of archery super good, was arranged to the archery group, with the result of ten rings on the spot on behalf of the stars, the success of the whole for China. This gold medal means that what is really precious is this honor. Lin Daodai did not disappoint the Chinese people who supported her, and she won the honor for her motherland. Of course, because the program invites some international superstars, no one from China joined the program except Lin Daodai and Qin Han. Although the number of people is small, it is important to be excellent. Qin Han won the gold medal in the fencing competition for China by virtue of his strong physique and reaction ability. Since then, China has won two games, which is the most valuable country. The Chinese people are also excited about this, which is no less exciting than when Chinese athletes won gold medals for their motherland in the Olympic Games. As for Lin Daodai's wish all the time-to sing a song without being out of tune, it has not been realized. By then, MP has already released two new albums, the first one is a new style of music, but somehow, they just can't write the songs Lin Daodai wants. MP feels very guilty about this. But Eric's skill is not expected now, his attainments still need to follow Anthony to continue to study for a period of time, but his new album is already hairstyle, sales are good, after all, he got popularity in the rice puppet in that, China fans are also very powerful, coupled with the "biography 1" for him to consolidate a lot of fan loyalty, in a group of leading actors acting slightly inferior. Eric's role as Eiffel, an elf swordsman, has unexpectedly attracted the attention and love of the audience, and he will also be involved in the shooting of Biography 2. Xiao Xiaorui and Xiao Xiaodai also grew up slowly, because their mother was often not around them, so every time they saw her mother, they were particularly clingy to her, and Lin Daodai also decided that after finishing her work in 2012, she would accompany the children well in 2013. And her cultivation has also been promoted to the golden elixir cultivation, because the knot elixir can use the fire alchemy, her cultivation has been promoted faster, and now it is only one step away from yuan Ying. And in December 2012, Lin Daodai felt the strange change of the aura around her. Her immortal instinct told her that the world would change greatly. She called Ye Yongxin's family to B city, and asked Wang Xiaorui to let his family not go out of B city recently. Allen was also forbidden to go out of B city by her strict order. Although the people around Lin Daidai did not know why she was suddenly so hegemonic, their understanding and trust in her let them know that she would not do so for no reason, so although everyone was confused in their hearts, they still obeyed Lin Daidai's arrangement in action. On December 21, 2012, the end of the world came!!! , 200 extra 1 One day in 2012, Wang Rui caught Lin Daodai and went to the bedroom to do'exercise '. The talented Xiaorui and Xiaodai were left in the living room to watch TV. In order to let the two clingy children leave enough time for their father to release themselves,warehouse storage racks, Wang Rui premeditated to play the DVD of "Magic 7" starring Lin Daodai. Xiaodai took a bag of'Oh Oh 'brand milk beans from the snack basket and handed them to Xiaorui, "Brother, eat!" 。