Feeling the warm touch on his arm, Hu Peng, who had always been a bit of a neat freak, frowned and turned sideways to face Xun You, so that he could lean against the wall behind him and pull away a little. The lights in the room have been turned off, and no one is playing mobile phone. It was still early and cicadas chirped behind the old street, which made the room super quiet. We are all vigorous young people, how can it be possible to go to bed before ten o'clock, and usually at this time, Hu Peng is in the classroom on the evening self-study, Xun You is outside looking for friends. So, no one can sleep. After swallowing a little saliva, Hu Peng asked Xun You: "Hey, what happened between you and your uncle and aunt?" Xun You opened his eyes and glanced into the bed. The light shone into the room from the outside window. Hu Peng was leaning against the window, so Xun You could not see his face. But Xun You was already myopic, only opened his eyes a little, and then closed his eyes again: "You really want to know why?" “……” I'm afraid this man is sick. Isn't it true or false? Just now I wanted to praise Hu Peng for his beautiful eyes. Maybe he is blind himself. Hu Peng did not reply to Xun You, nor did he prepare what he would really say. He just opened his eyes and looked at Xun You along the light outside the window. He found that besides his good eyes,asrs warehouse, Xun You's nose was also quite warped. Xun you thought for a moment, a little mischievous, unexpectedly opened his mouth directly: I thought about it, but I'll tell you. For no other reason than because I'm gay. Then he chuckled, ready to wait for Hu Peng to jump out of bed and pack up his things and go away. But Hu Peng, a straight man who could no longer be a straight man, was just stunned for a moment,wire mesh decking, then "Oh", closed his eyes and went back to sleep. He also thought it was an earth-shaking event, because he liked men. Not to mention that Hu Peng was not surprised, but there was Xu Zhou's gay paving the road in front of him before, and Hu Peng thought it was nothing. And it was nothing, and it didn't do anything bad. However, Xun You did not think so, he felt that this called Hu Peng was afraid of brain problems! "I like men. Why don't you react?" Xun You asked Hu Peng. Hu Peng closed his eyes and ignored Xun You. Xun you continued: "Aren't you afraid I'll do something to you at night?" Hu Peng finally opened his eyes and looked at Xun You with a look of mental retardation (although it was dark and could not be seen at all): "I don't think you'll like my type." This is actually Xu Zhou told him, Xu Zhou said that the general gay will not like Hu Peng, because he is too straight male cancer, Hu Peng believes in Xu Zhou's aesthetic. Facts have proved that it is correct at present. Xun You was a little upset about Hu Peng's self-knowledge. This man is stupid! He felt that he was also stupid to argue with this kind of stupid theory. He also has shit in his head, and he can't sleep in his big bed and live in a big house. To share a bed of 1.5 meters with a straight man, heavy duty metal racks ,shuttle rack system, and to suffer. Anyway, Xun You was very depressed, but Hu Peng, who was sleeping next to him, had lost his voice and did not know whether he was really asleep or not. In fact, Hu Peng was not sleepy at first, but then he fell asleep with his eyes closed, which may have something to do with the tiredness of moving today. He thought Xun You would be here the next day, but when he woke up the next day, he was the only one in bed. If the bed next to him had not been wrinkled, half of the blanket would have hung on the ground. Hu Peng will feel that the person who slept with him last night does not exist. When I went downstairs, only my uncle and aunt were there. When Li Shufen saw Hu Peng coming down, she was stunned and then said: "Breakfast is on the table upstairs. Go ahead and eat." Thank you, aunt. By the way, did your son go back? Hu Peng couldn't help asking. Li Shufen thought for a moment, but still answered: "I mean to go to work." And he's not coming back today. I really gave you trouble last night. I didn't expect that Xun You's little son of a bitch would suddenly come back and have to squeeze into Hu Peng's side to sleep. Fortunately, nothing happened, otherwise where would she put her old face? No, no, I'm giving you trouble. Hu Peng will still say polite words. After knowing that Xun You would not come back tonight, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, otherwise it would be very embarrassing. After breakfast, Hu Peng felt that it was not good to live in his aunt's house, so he might as well go out and see if there was any part-time job to do. Summer vacation for two months, although he also has a salary, but there is still a big gap from buying a house. He has to keep working hard. Thinking like this, Hu Peng said to Li Shufen that he would go out for a stroll and left. I want to walk around and see if there are any suitable places to work for a short time. But as soon as I went out, my cell phone rang. Hu Peng saw that it was a strange number. Chapter 12 On the Ordinary Although he didn't know who it was, Hu Peng thought about it and picked up his cell phone. Hello? What's the matter? Hu Peng always speaks like a straight man until he can't be more straight. Liao Zhiqiu, who was on the other end of the phone, was stunned, and then laughed: "Is that Mr. Hu Yueyue?" "My name is Hu Peng, thank you." Hu Peng wants to hang up the phone directly. Can't he call again after watching it? Uh. Liao Zhiqiu glanced at the words Hu Yueyue and telephone number written on the title page of Liao Pingfan's math book. His mood was a little complicated. It seemed that Liao Pingfan's words also needed to be practiced. He said, how can a man be called Yueyue? Hello, I'm Liao Pingfan's father. My name is Liao Zhiqiu. "Oh, what's the matter?" Hu Peng glanced at the scorching sun overhead, and his brain was running fast. Who was Liao Pingfan. Then one is stupefied, rely on, is not the math class representative of his class? The most difficult student.. Tiantian likes to attack the sky, the earth, and the air. I am the most powerful,heavy duty cantilever racks, the most indifferent, and the most overbearing president. As soon as Hu Peng thought of him, he couldn't help twitching the corners of his mouth. Liao Zhiqiu on the other end of the phone felt that Hu Peng was probably thinking of Liao Pingfan before he continued to ask: "Does Mr. Hu have any plans for this summer vacation?" 。 jracking.com