Xiao Rou's choking voice sounded, "I watched the sea sister die of self-violence, and my heart was filled with sadness.". Previously, with the help of my master's huge holy energy, I had reached the highest level of the nine-tailed sky fox in the family of magic foxes. After reaching this level, I have a special ability, which is to devour the soul. In order to keep the vitality of the sea sister, I resolutely swallowed her soul that had not disappeared into my body. At that time, I was really sad, because the master's life has burned to the end, I really do not want to let the master die ah! The master's body disappeared in the colorful flames, completely disappeared. Despite the elimination of the demon clan, the entire Stron Fortress is in a state of gloom and gloom, because Longbow, the son of light who saved the continent, died, and he sacrificed his young life for the peace of the continent. Everyone was in deep mourning. Just when I was grief-stricken, the messenger suddenly came to report that a colorful cloud suddenly appeared in the air and stayed above the fortress. We were all surprised, and with a glimmer of hope, my sister Muzi and I, as well as the master's teachers and friends, arrived at the fortress Chengtou. I'll never forget that scene. Longbow is back. Our beloved Longbow is back. It came back like a God. It turned out that with the help of the king of the gods, all his injuries were resolved and he was brought back to life. We were so happy to see his safe return that the whole fortress and even the whole human race were jubilant. Longbow was not happy,drive in racking system, because he could not let go of the death of his sister. I told him secretly that I had preserved the soul of Sister Seawater. As long as I found a few precious things, I could completely break away from the form of Warcraft and transform into human form. At that time, Sister Seawater's soul could wake up. The returning longbow already had the power of God. Under his protection, my reincarnation was successful. I changed my reincarnation into the same appearance as the sea water sister. At that time, I thought that after success, I would destroy my soul and let the sea water sister be reborn. However, the soul of the sea sister in my body refused to agree and insisted that I keep my soul, otherwise she would be destroyed with me. As soon as the voice changed, the sea water said, "Xiao Rou!"! You have paid so much for me, I never thought I could be with Longbow when I exploded, how can I watch you destroy your soul and help me? You are already my great benefactor. As long as you can be with Longbow, industrial racking systems ,cantilever racking system, what do we have with one body and two souls? Later, we have been living a happy life. Peace was restored to the mainland, and we lived happily in seclusion in the mountains and forests with Muzi and Longbow. However, the life span of human beings is limited. When Longbow and Muzi were two hundred years old, their bodies could no longer hold on. Both of them emerged, and their souls ascended to the divine world and became gods. Speaking of, we really want to go with you! It's a pity that our bodies are based on Xiao Rou's original fox body, even with the ability of a long bow, they can't take us with them. Although I have endless life, I can't be with the person I love most. Xiao Rou and I have suffered for thousands of years. It was only hundreds of years ago that we realized that although we could not meet Longbow, he would often look at us in heaven. Longbow loves nothing more than human peace. Now that we are in the human world, we will try our best to help him maintain this wish, and we must not let the mainland of Tianwu go to war again. Fortunately, under the original power of Longbow, the mainland has been very calm, even small-scale wars have not been born, we are very gratified to choose to live here, in this small lake, we have been living a carefree life. The Night Elf King, the Great Elf Messenger, our story is over. After listening to the story of Hai Hai and Xiao Rou, Ye Yun and Ye Yu were all speechless. The true story shocked them too much. The feelings between Longbow, Haihai, Muzi and Xiaorou, as well as their great sentiment of sacrificing their lives to maintain peace on the mainland, deeply touched the young elf couple. The sea smiled and said, "I feel much better when I say all this. You don't have to be confused after listening to our origin.". Xiaorou and I really want to help you. We've known since the first day you night elves migrated here. From our observation of you, we know that you are a peaceful race, and the other five elves have gone too far. We have heard your conversation just now, the night elf king, and it is your kindness that has completely touched us. You are the inheritance we have been looking for! The night cloud hesitated slightly and said, "Inheritance?"? What inheritance? The sea's face suddenly became serious and he said with a straight face, "Night Elf King, you must swear to me now that you will never use the power of inheritance I have given you to do anything evil." Night cloud is still a little puzzled, although his heart is now full of respect for the sea, but after all, he is the king of the night elves, can not easily promise anything to people,warehouse pallet racks, some doubts: "sea senior, can you say clearly, what is the power of inheritance?" 。 jracking.com