More than three hundred strong laborers-robbers, all riding tall horses, holding broadswords-but, if there is no accident, how can the equipment be so complete and brand-new? Ten thousand steps back, it is impossible for all people to use the same weapon! Sure enough, it's the same exhausting trick we encounter every day these days. But But this time there is also a difference, that is, the leader of the man dressed in black, from the high temple, he is absolutely not simple! Such a person, I'm afraid, will not be bribed. That's being blackmailed! Ha ha ~ that person can give Qin Yan under the no flower, of course, can give this man poison oh! However It has long been said that there are three evils in Xuzhou: Xuanyi Thief, Xueyi Gambler, and Huayi Thief. These bastards colluded with Zhou County officials and thieves, so that they could not be caught for a long time, but the Satrap of Xuzhou was Zhao Guangyi's old department, and no one could move. This man dressed in black is probably the legendary Xuanyi thief. It seems that today is God bless the people of Xuzhou, let me get rid of this harm! Besides, his martial arts are so good that they can be used by me! "Oh ~ really a natural beauty,ultrasonic spray nozzle, floating like a fairy!" When he finally came to his senses, the man swallowed and spat and opened his mouth to flirt. Ha ha ~ good tiger back bear waist, arrogant! Do not care to raise eyebrows, I still smile to him, but the heart inside a cold irony, dare to molest when the prince, you live twisted! "Easy to say, easy to say,ultrasonic dispersion machine, since the beauty is also interested in the next, then is not to go back with the next, do pressure village lady?" "Yes!" Facing the salivating face, I still chuckled and turned my eyes gently, "As long as you can win me!" With that, he turned around and jumped straight at the man with his palms. Good for you! With a roar of a tiger, the man pressed the saddle, turned over and jumped up to fight with me! With three points of strength, I followed the man's entanglement, secretly observed the man's martial arts, recalled the moves of Huang Feihong played by Jet Li in the movie, and racked my brains to think about how to play this man as a joke for the depressed Qin Yan! "Baby!"! Watch your husband's monkey boxing! When I had thought of a trick, I cried out and turned to six points of strength. The sudden increase in pressure made the man gasp for breath and want to quit, but I followed him like a shadow and kept my fists close to his vital points, which made him sweat profusely and had no power to fight back. -Good! Here's your chance! I glanced at the car. Qin Yan was sitting in the middle of Qi Xuan, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Qing Feng and Ming Yue. He stared at us dumbfounded. I was proud. Suddenly, I took my left hand back. A rain of fists in my right hand approached him step by step. He could not leave half an inch on both sides of the man's head-one, two, three, four, five, six, seven! OK Stop it! I stopped and leisurely stood aside, but the man in the field was already confused by my seven-stroke boxing, and kept waving his arms in a hurry to repeat the move I had just made-it's one thing to watch a movie, but it's another thing to see a real person performing in front of you! It's really.. Ridiculous! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! Finally, the dizzy man noticed something was wrong, and he staggered three steps in a row, gasping and pulling away a posture-not bad! It's more exaggerated than the movie. Seeing Qin Yan's funny expression, I felt that the purpose of making him laugh had been achieved, and I was about to go on-but suddenly I heard a little bit of Su Su's movement in the woods, and I couldn't help frowning-it seems that there are still fish escaping the net! It seems that we can't play with the warlords any more. It's better to stop dealing with this man first and then deal with those mice. "Oh ~ so two down son also dare to clamor with this childe-I should say you are foolhardy or self-death?!" In the light laughter, I turned over and jumped up. With a wave of my plain hand, a piece of white powder came down to the top of the group of robbers. Then I jumped down and made a move to control the man in black. I threw my hand to Qingfeng beside the car and turned to stand on horseback. I saw that the group of robbers all covered their throats and bleeding from seven orifices and fell to the sky in an instant. There was no more interest. You! You!! The man in black was sealed by Qingfeng all over his body, only the dumb point was not sealed, and he gnashed his teeth at me. Hehe ~ Me? Me what? Xuanyi thief's men rape and plunder, which body does not have a few lives? "I'm afraid you'll have to be sentenced to a cut in half if you send an official. It's really cheap for them to die like this!" Glancing at the man, I smiled contemptuously, turned around and shouted, "Friends in the woods, should you come out and say hello after seeing him for so long?" Whoosh whoosh As soon as the voice fell, the arrows came like rain, and there was a faint blue light on the tip of the arrows-I'm afraid it was a poison that sealed the throat with blood. Good for you! Are you kidding me? You want to kill me? With a long chant, he pressed his hand to his waist, and a soft sword came out of its scabbard, lifted its breath and jumped up. The light of the sword danced so tightly that it was airtight day by day-even water could not be poured in, let alone a few arrows?! After the arrow rain, ShaSheng in the woods, more than a hundred people rushed to the front of the team-in a twinkling of an eye then launched a scuffle! A team of more than a hundred men was not to be feared. My bodyguards and dead soldiers also brought nearly two hundred men, and their martial arts were half a catty. After waiting for a long time, I naturally won. However, seven men in black jumped out of the woods. Three of them surrounded me, advancing step by step, and the other four surrounded the carriage. Compared with the men in black who attacked last night, their martial arts were absolutely not low. It was clear that this was the method of burning jade regardless of the cost. I was still in good condition. Although I couldn't get away for a while,ultrasonic cutting machine, I could naturally subdue the three killers after a long time. However, the situation on the other side of the carriage was not optimistic: Qingfeng held the Xuanyi thief hostage and had to take care of Qin Yan. Naturally, he couldn't move. Qi Xuan and Ming Yue were already left and right to deal with the four killers. I'm about to break down-what should I do?! Catch the thief first catch the king! Who is the leader here? It doesn't seem to be-ah!!.