As the voice fell, Lin's handprint suddenly changed, only to see that the ancient array of Qian Kun reversed again, and a strange beam of light took shape in the array. Bastard, don't you dare! Seeing this, yuan Cang's complexion changed dramatically and he shouted. Whew! Lin Dong ignored his shout, and with a wave of his sleeve robe, the strange beams of light suddenly swept down, and finally, like the sickle of death, they enveloped the frightened disciples of yuan Men. Back up! Seeing this, yuan Cang hurriedly roared. Sniff! At this time, however, the disciples of the yuan Gate, who had lost the protection of the array, had no way out and could only urge the yuan Force to form protection outside the body, but this protection obviously did not have the slightest resistance effect for the beam of light with the power of decomposition. Therefore, when those beams of light swept down, everyone was shocked to see that a disciple of Mingyuan School began to disappear out of thin air.. The power of decomposition contained in those beams of light is directly to erase them from the world! The present scene, no flesh and blood flying, no shrill screams, some, just a strange disappearance of the figure, this scene, it is chilling. Everyone can only watch helplessly as the disciples of yuanmen disappear between heaven and earth at an alarming speed.. Just a few minutes, yuan disciples,smart board interactive whiteboard, is less than half! "You bastard, I won't let you go!" Lei Qian roared with red eyes. Heartache? Finally realized this kind of feeling.. "Lin moves the face gradually surges on a more fearful ferocious, he lowers his head, Senran smiles." Isn't it great that you killed my Taoist disciples just now? Now give me a good time?! yuan Cang's eyes twinkled crazily, and the color of incomparable resentment was condensing. But immediately, he suddenly took a deep breath and said in a harsh voice: "Lin Dong, we may have done too much before, but you have gone too far. It's not good for anyone to go on like this. Otherwise, we will take a step back in this sectarian contest." "Your Taoist disciples have lost a lot, but my yuanmen has also suffered heavy casualties. Why don't we just let it go?" "Boss!" When Lei Qian heard this,interactive touch screens education, he was immediately unwilling to say. Shut up yuan Cang shouted, staring at Lei Qian with a murderous look in his eyes, and the latter could only shut his mouth. This guy's array is so terrible that we can't break it at all. It's really unwise to compete with him at this time. Ling Zhen said in a gloomy voice. Ha ha, he really deserves to be the king of Xiaoyuan. He can bend and stretch.. "In the sky, Lin Dong seemed to laugh, but immediately, he shook his head slowly." But do you think Lin Dong looks like the kind of person who procrastinates in doing things? "Lin Dong, if you push us to that point, maybe you can't get any benefit!" yuan Cang Sen ran. "Then let's see who can't get it!" Lin move grinning grimly, things have done this step, how can also stop, he is not an indecisive person, this yuan Cang ferocious, also know how to endure, this enemy, if stay, is not to let people sleep and eat? "You asked for it!" yuan Cang was also completely enraged by Lin Dong. His eyes were dark and fierce. He looked at Ling Zhen Lei Qian and said, "Let's do it together. The power of yuan in this boy's body has been exhausted. It won't last long at all!" "Well!" When Lingzhen heard this, interactive panel board ,smartboard for business, they also nodded ferociously in their eyes. The rest of the yuan disciples, give up all defense and attack the array! From the previous situation, that kind of strange beam of light, obviously has the power of destruction, ordinary disciples simply can not defend, so it is better to let go of a fight! "Yes!" Although those yuan disciples looked frightened, they also knew that it was useless to say anything when they were forced to such a point, but in their hearts, some of them regretted that they had pushed the Taoist disciples to that point before.. If that's not the case Maybe this Lin Dong won't be so crazy.. "Swish!" yuan Cang three people's figures, almost at the same time, swept out, majestic yuan Li roared out, three people are the most overbearing martial arts display. "yuan Di Dian, heaven and earth return to yuan!" "Ling Di Dian, Ling Mai Jie Finger!" "Lei Didian, Lei Demon Prison!" Rumble. Towering yuan Li at the moment some signs of madness, three people at this time are to urge the strength to the extreme, terrible offensive, suffocating attack on the array of Lin Dong. Whew! But in their rear, many yuan disciples, is also launching the most powerful offensive, crazy sweep to the light array. This desperate momentum, as if the world trembled for it. Lin Dong looked at this scene, his eyes, there is also a red gush out, the next moment, he looked up to the sky and laughed, his hands spread out, in the pores of his body, suddenly there is a line of blood spraying out, which makes him instantly into a blood man, and his body is withered and thin at this moment. If you want to go all out, I'll accompany you! The blood line shoots out, finally is absorbed quickly by the light array, suddenly the entire big array, is more than a trace of red color out of thin air, and then, the array method is rumbling operation. Whoa, whoa, whoa! The strange ray of light, which contained the power of decomposition, spurted out from the array again, and the disciples of the yuan Gate below began to disappear rapidly at an alarming speed.. yuan Cang three people's offensive, is also in the constant decomposition and dissipation, but they are living by virtue of the integration of the majestic yuan Li, resist the decomposition, and then quickly to the light array of Lin move close, they can feel, at this time of Lin move, is a real spent force, perhaps, just need an easy blow, is able to completely kill it! "Chop Suey, your days are over!"! When you are solved, I will send all those Taoist disciples down to accompany you! Lei Qian's face was ferocious, and his roar rumbled through the sky. yuan Cang three people, in that innumerable eyes that do not blink, more and more close to Lin move,4k smart board, all people's breath, are shielded at this moment, they know.. Final victory or defeat In one fell swoop! "Hehe..".