When Ye Lingwei rushed into the study for the third time to look for her Ouyang brother, she saw him. It turned out that Ouyang brother was also looking for himself everywhere. The little girl snuggled up to Ouyang Ze, lowered her head and waited quietly for him to invite her to join their "team". "Weier, the emperor's brother asked me to escort Princess Huilan to the Blue Moon Kingdom for marriage." Ouyang Ze spoke eloquently. Yeah, I just found out. Ye Lingwei heart secretly happy, Ouyang brother is really going to talk to her about this matter, say, say, he has long been psychologically prepared. This time.. It will take at least two or three months to go back and forth. Ouyang Ze continued lightly. I know. I'll listen to you and I won't make trouble. "Ye Lingwei hurriedly made a pledge of interest." That's good! Unexpectedly, Weier is really sensible. "Ouyang Ze breathed a sigh of relief. He thought it would take a lot of time to persuade the little girl to stay." Uncle Fu will take care of you. If you have anything, you can look for sandalwood clothes. " What?!!!! Aren't you going to take me?! Ye Lingwei screamed with a high voice of twelve decibels. You said you wanted to listen to me just now. Why didn't you listen to me again? Ouyang Ze stretched out his hand to dig out his ears, which were almost deafened, and dared to misunderstand her meaning. Oh, look at this girl who wants to eat people. This is a headache! "I just thought you were going to take me, of course I was obedient, now you don't take me, I." I won't listen!!! Ye Lingwei ferociously grabbed Ouyang Ze's skirt and kept pulling and protesting. Weier can't fool around. "Ouyang Ze hugged the little tiger with teeth and claws into his arms." This time, for the sake of the friendship between the two countries, you say, what are you going to do with this little girl? " "I.." Of course I went to play! Ye Lingwei wanted to answer like this, but before she could say it, she felt that it was not convincing. "Of course I'm going to help, you think,interactive panel board, Ouyang brother, although Princess Huilan is your niece, there are still many inconveniences along the way, me!"! It's different if I go with him. I can.. You can take care of her. It's so beautiful to say. You! Ouyang Ze doted on the little girl's forehead. "Do you think the palace ladies and eunuchs who were married in the past are going to play?" I.. I Ye Lingwei speechless, did not expect Ouyang brother so decisively exposed himself, it seems that he really did not intend to take himself, "I must go!"! I must go! Say, can only use the usual trick-act shamelessly! In the face of business,smartboard for business, let the little girl roll, protest, or to tear down his palace, Ouyang Ze did not compromise, he wisely did not do much to explain, fell on the couch to pretend to sleep, not even open his eyelids. A futile day passed like this. The next day, Ye Lingwei, who had not been hit by that small setback, continued to pester her brother Ouyang, but Ouyang Ze seemed to be determined this time, still not moved by the pitiful appearance of this little girl. On the third day, Ye Lingwei's attitude came to a change of one hundred and eighty-she was very "good" to stay in her room and no longer "bother" her brother Ouyang. Ouyang Ze saw this little girl today too abnormal, he did not go out today, how can not see Weier all day? Thought she was still sulking, so breakfast, touch screen board classroom ,smartboards for business, lunch, let her use in their own room, but now is the time for dinner, Weier still did not shake in front of their own, ah, what really happened? He finally couldn't help it and went to the door himself. Ye Lingwei, who had been depressed all day, finally saw her brother Ouyang come to the door and ignored him, packing her own luggage. Ahem! Weier, what are you doing? Ouyang Ze was left out in the cold for a long time, looking at this room which was turned upside down by the little girl, he asked quietly. "Oh, brother Ouyang is here?!" The little girl pretended to see Ouyang Ze's "surprise" just now. "Brother Ouyang, look at you. Come in without saying a word. Look! This room is so messy that there is no place for you to sit. Why don't you go back to your room first and go to find you when I finish my work?! With these words, he threw Ouyang Ze aside and turned to work on his own. "Uh.." Ouyang Ze did not expect the little girl to "reward" a closed door for herself for the first time, oh! It tastes good! Smiling, he stepped forward, walked behind Weier, and hugged the little girl from behind. "What's wrong?"? Did you hide some treasure and can't find it now? Rubbing her cheeks against Weier's supple hair, greedily sniffing the faint fragrance on her body, and teasing her with full interest. Oh, brother Ouyang, don't make a mess here. Don't you see I'm packing? Ye Lingwei does not eat this set, red face, struggling to "escape" out of Ouyang Ze's arms, although she likes to nest in Ouyang brother's arms, but in order to travel plans, she had to hold back. Ouyang Ze knew that the little girl was still angry, and he took two steps closer, crossed the waist, and hugged her again, "I didn't tell you that I couldn't take you there this time." "Rest assured, Ouyang brother," Ye Lingwei this time also did not run, she turned around, reached out to hook Ouyang Ze's neck, "Ouyang brother, you also know, play small, I am a very sensible person, what things should be done, what things should not be done, are very measured! For example, before, as soon as someone came to propose marriage to Ouyang's brother, without saying anything, I would give up the position of princess to others! Right I didn't say anything, did I? "Uh.." Ouyang Ze forehead began to appear black line, this little girl is praising herself?! Indeed! In this matter, she is really "virtuous"! "Nah!"! Say again, Ouyang elder brother also once liked brothel woman?! I ah,smart boards for conference rooms, is not for you, to its like to learn this and that?! You see, I follow you in everything! It's a righteous word. hsdsmartboard.com