Blood flowers burst out with magic, and if it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll faint in less than ten minutes because of excessive blood loss, but this is no longer a consideration for Shiro Emiya. Try your best to run your mind, and what you care about in your heart is only how to defeat each other. Fundamentally speaking, it may be a mistake to choose a simple hand-to-hand battle and break away from one's strongest field. Once upon a time, I was just a sword maker, and I accomplished nothing except making weapons. This is the evaluation given by myself in the future. There is no denying that this evaluation is both pertinent and concise, and the focus of the problem is accurate, after all, the person who gives the evaluation is also the person who receives the evaluation. Talking about combat experience, how much combat experience can a teenager who lives a peaceful life have? Talking about the total amount of magic, the talent is sparse and ordinary. The magic circuit has only 27 lines of average quality horizontally and vertically. If the maximum magic power of a friend is 500, he is only between 20 and 30. Lack of ability as well as combat experience, hand-to-hand combat is tantamount to suicide; unable to handle the magic needed to chant the real name of the treasure. If you use it, you will destroy yourself. Therefore, "Emiya Shiro" cannot fight at all. He can only stand by silently and make a sword. When is it exactly? Relying on acquired combat experience Ability and the development of magic, I actually forgot the natural advantage, now I am proud of, not just speed ah. I-have-created-over-a-thousand-blades....” All right, dead people can't use magic,Grey Marble Slab, just bet everything.. As soon as the mind arrived, the scarlet magic gun took shape in his hand, and the tip of the gun shone with bloodthirsty light, pointing to the king of the dead who was waiting quietly.. Thirty-one-King of the Spirit and the True Ancestor "It's coming up..". Think of it as a farewell to the afterlife. Take the blow.. There is no ability to liberate the reversal of cause and effect through the heart, because Emiya Shiro does not know whether the other side will be able to block the blow, nor does he think that the other side will die. In contrast, he chose the second usage. With the help of the different heights of the broken tiles around him, jumping above the shadow,Agate Slabs For Sale, Emiya Shiro reached the height of the air in an instant at the speed of Kuchulin's real body. In one breath, nearly half of the magic of the whole body is concentrated on the crimson magic gun, and the huge magic squeezes the space and makes a crackling sound. The Gae.. "Is like drawing a bow vigorously, and the upper part of the body bends to the sky. Bolg!!!!!!!” With too much force, the left hand that threw the magic gun almost lost consciousness. The scarlet magic gun came out like a meteor and flew to Zhu Yue with a thunderous momentum. Originally, it is a nirvana for throwing. Once it is aimed, it is absolutely not allowed to avoid. Even if it avoids the magic gun that will attack the target again. It is said that the power of the magic spear thrown by Kuchulin has already surpassed that of Gungnier, the magic spear of Odin in Norse mythology. Whether the rumor is true or not is uncertain. There is no doubt that the spear of death is the world's first-class spear throwing stunt. Although the gun is only a B + level treasure, only one level higher than the projection long knife that broke at a high speed in the battle with Zhu Yue just now, the real name of the liberation treasure and the real name of the incomprehensible treasure are two completely different levels. Just like Saber's usual sword of vow of victory, it is also an A + + treasure in terms of sharpness and firmness, but that's all. <ww。 ienG。 On the other hand, in the case of the real name of the Liberation Treasure, even the port will be destroyed in an instant, Marble Projects ,Agate Slabs Countertops, and Hercules's nameless axe sword, which has fought hundreds of times with the Sword of Vow Victory, will probably turn to ashes in this case. Even though because it is a projection, it can only be infinitely close to the original, and its power will be a little weaker than its real body, but it should be noted that the liberation of the real name of the treasure is backed by its own magic and propeller, in terms of magic, even Caster Medea is not as good as the present Emiya Shiro, so. In fact, the magic gun thrown from the hands of Emiya Shiro is no less than the s sè of Kuchulin himself. In this world, Emiya Shiro's greatest strength is neither speed nor strength, but magic. "Oh?"? Interesting !” In the face of the gun of destruction falling from the sky, Zhu Yue, who has been holding a game mentality, also began to take the serious God s sè. Although she did not know the reason, her intuition told her that the blow could not be solved by evasive means. In that case, then do the opposite, step forward with one foot, sit down, Xu Li, a simple and unadorned punch up, head-on to meet the gun of destruction. Boom!! The moment the fist collided with the magic gun, it made a loud sound like a gunpowder explosion, as if it was going to deafen the ears. Incredibly, if Kuchulin had been there, his eyes would have fallen out, and the killing gun, backed by a huge magic, which might have been a little stronger than his own throw, was blocked, and in front of the fist, the tip of the gun could not even penetrate a minute, all the air was squeezed out, and a vacuum was formed around the two bodies. The two sides are in a stalemate. Having said that, the stalemate is about to be broken, as the forces of both sides collide with each other, the projected magic gun body sends out bursts of lament, a crack almost invisible to the naked eye appears on the gun body, and then spreads around at an indescribable speed, covering the whole branch of the magic gun. Unknown-to-death,nonknown-to-life...” Although it was never expected that this shot could defeat Zhu Yue, in fact, it was only used to delay time in the budget, but it was not expected that the defeat would appear so soon. Seeing that nearly half of the magic of the whole body was about to collapse, he did not care that his left hand had not yet regained consciousness, nor that the magic had not yet recovered, and raised the remaining right hand with his left hand pressing,Silver Travertine Slabs, and the weapon gradually took shape. With a click, the scarlet magic gun broke into pieces in the air, and Zhu Yue's figure rushed to Emiya Shiro like a bullet.