"Pei Pei, are you all right?" Zhang Mu touched Pei Pei's face and asked nervously. Pei Pei shook his head and said, "It's all right. My brother was hurt. It was my brother who drove the bad guys away." Zhang Mu some sigh, think of is Xiao Jiayou saved Pei Pei, also very complex mood, rubbed Pei Pei soft little hand. The police came in to verify the identity as usual, and confirmed that Zhang Mu and Xiao Jian were indeed the child's family, so they were relieved to withdraw. After waiting for the police to leave, Xiao Jian walked into the room with Pei Pei in his arms and took the lead in saying, "Dad, Mom." Xiao Qing and Yao Xing were still thinking about Pei Pei's identity and nodded, but for a moment they didn't know what to ask first. Xiao Jian went to see Xiao Jiayou again. Xiao Jiayou is still in shock, did not understand how his father had a son, it is simply inconceivable. Only then did he cry with mixed feelings, "Dad." Xiao Jian said "um" and turned to look at Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu was still a little stiff. He didn't expect to meet in this way. He paused and said politely, "Hello, uncle and aunt." Xiao Qing did not mean to embarrass Zhang Mu and smiled. "Don't stand there," said Yao Xing with a smile. "Sit down." Xiao Jian hugged Pei Pei and sat down on the sofa next to him, pulling Zhang Mu to sit down by the way. Zhang Mu next to Xiao Jian, can feel Xiao Jian to his protective posture, the heart can not help but warm. He then thought of the fact that Xiao Jiayou had saved Pei Pei and said to Xiao Jiayou sincerely, "Thank you for saving Pei Pei. How is your wound?" He could still see the obvious scars on Xiao Jiayou's face. You don't have to be hypocritical. Xiao Jiayou said coldly. He wanted to say more mean words,Inflatable mechanical bull, but his father glanced at him, so he didn't dare to be too presumptuous, and he just held back the words that he scolded Zhang Mu. Thought, if he had known that Pei Pei was the son of his father and Zhang Mu, he would have saved a fart. He used to look at Pei Pei everywhere cute, especially good, now feel that he everywhere annoying, do not want to look at more. When Xiao Jiayou finished speaking, the atmosphere in the room became awkward in an instant,Inflatable water obstacle course, and the nanny had long been far away. "How do you talk?" Asked Xiao Jian with displeasure. Xiao Jiayou did not dare to say anything, but he did not bow his head. Zhang Mu is a little embarrassed, but also did not dispute with him in general, in any case, Xiao Jiayou saved Pei Pei, this is a solid fact. Don't talk nonsense. Why are you so rude? Yao Xing said to Xiao Jiayou and said to Zhang Mu shyly, "Jiayou is not sensible. Don't take it to heart." Zhang Mu smiled and said, "How could it be?" Yao Xing asked again, "What's the matter with Pei Pei?" When she finished, Xiao Qing and Xiao Jiayou both pricked up their ears and were equally curious about the answer to the question. Pei Pei listened half do not understand, but also think just brother called Xiao father for father, he looked left and right, feel strange, but because the adults are talking, he also obediently did not interrupt. Xiao Jian glanced at Zhang Mu and said, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water park on lake, "Pei Pei is mine." After a pause, he added, "It's also my child with Zhang Mu." Xiao Qing and Yao Xing knew in their hearts that Xiao Jian was admitting that Pei Pei was his, and Xiao Jiayou's face was hard to see in an instant. Xiao Qing glanced at Xiao Jiayou and said to Xiao Jian, "We support you to have a child, but you should discuss it with us before making a decision." This is the meaning of blaming Xiao Jian. Xiao Jian looked at his father and said calmly, "I'm sorry. It happened so suddenly that I didn't have time to discuss it with you.". After Pei Pei was born, I wanted to bring him to see you, but he was just sick at that time, and he had been treating the disease before he came back. When Yao Xing heard this, he was a little nervous. "What's wrong?" He asked? Is it serious? "Hemangioma was cured early and left no sequelae." Zhang Mu explained. Oh, it's all right. Xiao Qing and Yao Xing immediately did not say anything, looking at Pei Pei is very distressed. The child is small, but he has suffered a lot. Zhang Mu solemnly said, "Uncle and aunt, thank you for helping to take care of Pei Pei.". I came here in a hurry tonight, and I didn't expect to meet you. If there is any abrupt place, please forgive me. His attitude was sincere, and he sincerely asked for forgiveness. He was in a hurry to come over, and he was not prepared for anything. Yao Xing looked at Zhang Mu. The first time she saw Zhang Mu, she happened to meet him when she went to Lugang. At that time, Zhang Mu was still with Jiayou. Although she was nervous, she was very polite. She likes Zhang Mu very much. She is good-looking, well-educated, has a good character, and knows cold and hot. Later Jiayou did something wrong, Zhang Mu broke up with him, Yao Xing is very sorry, she is sincerely hope to be a family with Zhang Mu. But did not expect to meet with Zhang Mu again, the other party from her grandson daughter-in-law into a daughter-in-law. She was quite difficult to accept at first, but later learned that it was a misunderstanding, and Zhang Mu did not expect Xiao Jian to be Xiao Jiayou's father. Xiao Qing also advised her that it was rare for her son to meet someone he liked. Can they still beat the Mandarin ducks? Break up this pair of Mandarin ducks. What if the son is really single for a lifetime? Besides, whether Zhang Mu is the granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law of the Xiao family, isn't that all their Xiao family. So when Zhang Mu was in conflict with Xiao Jian, she and Xiao Qing were also worried. If her son ran away from a person he had taken a fancy to for so many years, he might have to be a bachelor for a lifetime. If Xiao Jian hadn't stopped him, they would have gone out to persuade Zhang Mu at that time. Now that Zhang Mu is finally willing to come to see them, how can they still put on airs. It's not easy for the Xiao family to marry a daughter-in-law. No matter whether he is a man or a woman, you have to be careful not to lose it. It's all right, as long as someone comes. Yao Xing said with a smile, "Besides, we're all family members. Why are you so polite? Don't be so formal. Just take this as your own home and be casual." "Yes," said Xiao Qing, "if Xiao Jian is not good to you, you can tell us that we will uphold justice for you." Zhang Mu was a little embarrassed. He didn't expect Xiao Jian's parents to be so pleasant. He had been afraid for a long time before. He was afraid that Xiao Jian's parents would point at his nose and scold him for being a goblin. Brother Xiao is very kind to me. He said a look at Xiao Jian, just Xiao Jian is also looking at him, two people's line of sight instantly collided together. Xiao Jian smiled at Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu also smiled, eyes flowing spring waves, is very moving. Xiao Qing and Yao Xing silently look at each other, will see the feelings between the two people clearly,Inflatable dry slide, immediately also very strange, they have not seen Xiao Jian to people like this, really is trapped in ah. joyshineinflatables.com