If the matter of him and Xu Chuwei had not been spread, the matter of his eldest brother and Wen Xian would be spread all over the city, and the loss would outweigh the gain. Qin Song was afraid that others would notice his real fiance, so he looked around and squatted under the table so that others would not see Qin Zan coming to him. But not long after he squatted down, he heard a woman's teasing voice overhead. Xu Chuwei looked at him with his lips hooked. "Don't you even want to do such a little superficial work?"? It seems that you are really anxious to cancel the engagement with Wen Xian. Qin Song: ".." If Xu Chuwei thinks so, it is not impossible, anyway, he will always cancel the engagement with Wen Xian, which is also the same goal by different routes. ... Qin Zan himself did not realize that his footsteps were much more hurried than usual. His eyes have been falling on Wen Xian, and at this time his feelings are also very wonderful, can not be described in any words. Qin Zan only knew that his heart seemed a little hot. It was not until he reached Wen Xian's side that Qin Zan gazed at her and whispered, "Xianxian, I'll go in with you and eat something first." Wen Xian took Qin Zan's arm. She looked around and found that there were still a few faces in the circle. There were few new faces. They were as exclusive as ever. She whispered, "Brother Qin, you go ahead and I'll just sit and eat something." After a moment of silence,juice filling machine, Qin Zan suddenly stopped and looked down at her. "Do you want to dance with me?" Wen Xian felt the high-heeled shoes of ten centimeters under her feet. She had not worn such high-heeled shoes in recent years. There were few occasions in her life where she needed to wear high-heeled heels. She shook her head slightly. "I'm afraid I can't stand still, so I won't jump." Qin Zan looked at Wen Xian silently, and he wanted to tell her that he would not let her fall. But in the end, he didn't say it. Wen Xian sat on the sofa and watched the banquet all night, and the light in his eyes was clearly extinguished. She left the circle for four years,liquid bottle filling machine, but the circle has not changed. It's just that there are fewer people around her, and the intimate, envious and jealous eyes have disappeared. For the first time, Wen Xian felt that attending a banquet could be so relaxed. It was just the beginning of the night for them when the dinner party left before nine o'clock, and the countdown to the carnival feast on this luxurious cruise ship began. Xu Chuwei and Qin Song also left one after another. Wen Xian waited patiently for five minutes and then followed him. After counting the time, Qin Zan led the guests to the stairway leading to the pool party on the upper floor without any trace, and then almost all of them heard the sound of argument coming from the corridor. Qin Zan's footsteps paused slightly. "I'll go and have a look," he said. And all the people behind him, which one is not a human spirit, almost stepped on Qin Zan's heel and walked past. After they turned the corner, a dramatic picture appeared in front of them. The people behind Qin Zan looked different and whispered. Wen Xian looked at Qin Song with red eyes, CSD filling line ,liquid bottle filling machine, Qin Song stood beside Xu Chuwei, his lips were still stained with Xu Chuwei's lipstick, and Xu Chuwei's hands clenched into fists almost exploded. She did not expect Qin Song to settle the engagement between him and Wen Xian in such a way, he calculated her! In the midst of the confusion, no one noticed that the cruise ship had slowed down. - Under the lamplight, the beauty, who was as fragile as colored glaze, was pale. The tears in her eyes would not fall into her eyes. Her thick eyelashes were wet with tears. No one could see her without a word of pity. Tears should not appear in such a pair of starry eyes. "How long have you been together?" She asked in a trembling voice. Xu Chuwei frowned. As soon as she was ready to speak, she listened to Qin Song: "We have been together for a year. We were together in the second year when Chuwei came to England." Xu Chuwei:.. Fuck 。 This dog man! Qin Song looked guilty, "envy, I know I did something wrong, if you want to cancel the engagement with me, I will accept it.". But I.. Chuwei and I really love each other. 。” Wen Xian is full of emotion with tears in his eyes, but he is somewhat dramatic by Qin Song's words. Is this a little too obvious? Xu Chuwei is forced to break away from Qin Song holding her wrist, just after she entered the room, Qin Song talked to her in a roundabout way, half a day did not say to the point. Later, he suddenly pulled and pulled and apologized to her for the car. Before she could shake him off, he bowed his head and kissed him, and then Wen Xian pushed the door and came in. It's not prearranged. Ghosts don't believe it. Thinking of this, Xu Chuwei looked at Qin Song and asked sternly, "Qin Song, are you a man?" Qin Song answered without hesitation: "I am not!" People: ".." Wen Xian looked at Qin Zan after a brief pause. Her tone was sad: "Brother Qin, I know Grandpa Qin has taken good care of me these years, but the emotional thing is reluctant." The tears in Wen Xian's eyes finally fell down, "I want to cancel the engagement with Qin Song." Qin Zan stared at the tears on her cheeks for a while. He restrained himself from trying to wipe away her tears. He looked away and looked at Qin Song: "Ah Song, this is because our Qin family broke the agreement first. Since Xianxian wants to cancel the engagement, I will decide to cancel the engagement for you two tonight." "In the future, you will no longer be an unmarried couple." Hearing these words, everyone was a little sad. If Wen Tianlin was still there, how could the Qin family play back the marriage so easily? Now there is only one person left in the Wen family, and Qin Song dares to do whatever he wants. They all looked sympathetically at the girl who was crying with rain. But they will not do anything, they will not even spread to the outside world that Qin Song and Xu Chuwei were involved together to throw Wen Xian away, this circle is so realistic. Interests are paramount and the strong are respected. But after tonight,water bottling line, they will all know that the engagement between the Qin family and the Wen family no longer exists. Wen Xian will be completely separated from the upper circle of Licheng. Cinderella never became a princess again. After the farce, everyone broke up, and Qin Zan stayed to deal with the family affairs of the Qin family. gzxilinear.com