There is less than a month before the release of NBA 2K22. As of now, the 2K21 list has been finalized, and everyone in Miami Heat has received an annual rating. One of the best parts about NBA 2K every season is to see the ratings each player has received. Players like to pay attention to the scores of their favorite players and often get frustrated when they don't meet their expectations. In the upcoming NBA 2K22, players can prepare Cheap NBA 2K22 MT to get their favorite players in the game.

Miami Heat have done a lot of different moves this offseason, so there will be a lot of new NBA 2K22 MT on their roster. Having a new face means a new set of 2K ratings. Will 2K underestimate or overestimate them? Below is the rating prediction for each player of Miami Heat in NBA 2K22.

Udonis Haslem-70. At this point, Udonis Haslem's entry into the NBA is basically just a form. His performance is more like a substitute player and coach than a real player. He signed for another season this year and is likely to play the same role again. The overall rating of 70 is indeed very generous, but they may not let him down in the 1960s.

Gabe Vincent-71. So far, Gabe Vincent's performance in the NBA is relatively unproven, but he performed well during the Olympic Games in Nigeria. Most importantly, he expects to play a more important role this year. If everything is business as usual, Vincent may become Miami Heat's main backup point guard. If he plays well, his rating may eventually rise, but 71 seems to be 2K's evaluation of him.

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