In recent years, cutting trees in video games has been their main mechanism. Therefore, in order to attract traffic, Amazon developers have been innovating in this area to make it less ordinary, but equally relaxing and satisfying. Now those players who like New World may need to do a lot of carpentry to make some of the items they want.

Importantly, assembling goods is not as easy as making finished products from logs, because players need to get other components from many forests in New World to extract specific types of wood. Aoki is the most basic definable wood in the game, and players will need it in large quantities in the early stages of the adventure. Fortunately, the green wood used to make them can be found in many New World Coins that decorate the landscape of low-rise areas. This also makes it easier for some players to upgrade.

Players will also encounter some thorny problems in New World, because some terms seem to be interchangeable at first, but later they will find that this is not the case. Players must collect primitive Wyrdwood from relatively rare trees. However, players need to combine this primitive resource with Lumber in Goodshop to create a refined product called Wyrdwood Planks. This will also allow some players to choose to give up, or directly buy New World Coins to get.

In fact, cutting trees in New World will be a key step for most players to get items. As long as they can master the mystery and understand the instructions, even if they don’t have buy New World Coins, they will help them upgrade in New World.

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