Stage truss aluminum uses

In the eyes of the world, English is just a discipline, but the actual application is not much like it. For example, Stage truss aluminum is an imported product, but its name has evolved into "light stand" "aluminum alloy light stand", as if with English inside, the product is not easy to be remembered.

It is just like this, mentioning stage truss aluminum people do not necessarily remember, but mentioning the light frame, everyone knows what it is. In fact, in real life, stage truss aluminum as "light stand", can be said to be ubiquitous. From ordinary commercial activities, to formal social activities, and then to mega-events, can see the figure of the truss rack.

For example, the truss stand in the picture below, is in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. A group of people watching the soccer match outside the stadium, when they get excited, they climb on the stage truss aluminum and raise their voices, which shows the lively atmosphere of the scene.

However, as stage truss aluminum manufacturers have to say a word, stage truss aluminum although good load-bearing capacity, can withstand the weight of adults, but from a safety point of view, it is not recommended to do so.

As a movable equipment, stage truss aluminum application has been very common, but also only in the field of stage lighting, in other areas also shine. For example, in the construction of display booths, large advertising frame, all can use stage truss aluminum products. It's just that people don't pay attention to it, just like the people who know about stage truss aluminum are less, and the people who know about light frame are more, one way.