This guide is for The Burning Crusade Classic First Aid! First Aid is a crucial secondary skill that everybody is able to master. You can make your own bandages to use for yourself and your companions to help recover.

 First Aid in TBC isn't too difficult. In actual fact, there are just two First Aid recipes to make Netherweave Bandage and Heavy Netherweave Bandage. First aid doesn't come with a separate leveling system or recipes guide.


 What exactly is TBC First Aid?


 First Aid in Burning Crusade Classic is a additional skill that players of all levels can learn. To heal yourself and others, you can also make bandages. Unlike in Classic Anti-Venom, there aren't new Anti-Venom recipes.


 Different First Aid practices between Retail and TBC


 First aid no longer was a secondary skill in the period prior to Battle for Azeroth. It was added to Tailoring, and it is no longer available as a separate ability in Retail. It's still available in Burning Crusade.


 Burning Crusade Classic First Aid Profession Trainers


 First Aid trainers for Silvermoon City and Exodar (1-150).


 Classic First Aid uses books to teach Expert and Artisan levels. Trainers can only be used to teach the Apprentice or Journeyman levels. For more information about the process of leveling First Aid in Classic, you should refer to the Classic First Aid 1-300 Guide.


  , The Crystal Hall, The Exodar (/way 39.6 22.6)


  , Walk of Elders Silvermoon City (/way 77.5 70.4)


 Outlands First Aid Instructor 1-150


 There is one First Aid trainer in Shattrath City, upstairs in the partially damaged pod. It's important to remember that you'll still need Azeroth materials to finish these levels. Also, you'll need to return to Azeroth for the 150 and 225 books. She's available should you need her.


 Mildred Fletcher
  , Shattrath, /way 66.8 13.8


 Outlands First Aid Book (300-375)


 Master First Aid (300-375) is learned through books. These are only two recipes found in Outlands. These are all sold from the same vendors. There is no specific level requirement to learn it, however, you must have 300 First Aid.


 The skill can be learned by purchasing the book Master First Aid - Doctor in the House for 50.


 You can learn the recipes from two guides Manual: Netherweave Bandage, sold for 2dollars, and Manual Heavy Netherweave Bandage which is sold for four.


  , Temple of Telhamat, Hellfire Peninsula, /way 22.4 39.2


  /way 26.2 62.0


 Manual: Netherweave Bandage does not require a specific level, but it does require Level 330 First Aid to be able to master. To attain the level of 330 First Aid it is necessary to make Heavy Runecloth Bandage until you reach the appropriate level. You can make use of Netherweave Bandage when you have reached the the level 300 First Aid skill.


 Manual: To learn how to use Heavy Netherweave Bandage you must have Level 360 First Aid skills. You can apply Heavy Netherweave Bandage as soon as the Level 325 first aid skill is completed.


 Netherweave Cloth serves as the base cloth used for both bandages. It can be mostly found on Outlands Humanoid or Undead mobs. As with the other normal and Heavy bandages Netherweave Bandage needs 1 Netherweave cloth per bandage, while Heavy Netherweave bandage requires 2 Netherweave cloths per bandage.


 Leveling First Aid in Burning Crusade Classic


 If you want to be the first to be able create new bandages, you should have a stash of Runecloth. It is necessary to have two each to make heavy Runecloth Bandage. This should give you 300-330. This item will become extremely green when you're done. A conservative estimate is around 180-200 Runecloth for 330.


 The Manual: Netherweave bandage is available at 330. After that, create Netherweave bandage that is 360. This recipe begins at Yellow difficulty, but it changes to green after 360. You'll be able to complete it with 35 netherweave fabric.


 To get to 375, you must purchase the Manual: Heavy Netherweave bandage once you've reached 360. Create 15 heavy netherweave bands with 30 netherweave cloth until you reach 375. This doesn't turn green until 380. This means that you will have a shorter stretch where you may not make an ability point for every combination.


 First Aid Guide - Books & Triage Quest


 Once you hit Skill 150, you will need to buy a book from the vendor in your faction. The book will assist you to master the next level of First Aid.


 For the Alliance the Alliance, it's available from Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Keep. Members of the Horde can purchase it from Balai Lok'Wein in Brackenwall Village.


 The next stage of this First Aid guide is a little more difficult. Once you've reached Skill Level 225, the quest Triage will be completed. This will allow you to boost the level of your skills to 300. The quest can be found within Theramore Isle (Dustwallow Marsh) for Alliance and Hammerfall (Arathi Highlands) for Horde as well.