To celebrate Halloween, Elder Scrolls Online will host a Witch Festival. During the celebrations, players can earn spooky rewards for their homes, learn new expressions, and participate in daily tasks to collect ESO Gold and kill a scary creature. The task known as picking crows is very simple, but not knowing where to start can be frustrating.

To obtain this task, the player must first complete the "Witch's Bargaining" task, and then start collecting crow feathers to pick crows. After completing the witch's bargaining, talk to the witch Talma of the Oriton Olive Brewery to Buy ESO Gold. She asks the player to bring her 50 cursed feathers, which can only be found in the looting skulls dropped by the boss during the Witch’s Day event.

The plundered skulls were plundered from the bosses found throughout Tamriel. The easiest area to grow them is to kill the boss of Delve. We provide here a more detailed guide on where to find a plundered skull. There are two types of looting skulls: Dremora is golden and ordinary is purple. The Dremora Predator Skull can only be found once a day after defeating the first unique type of boss.

It is best for players to focus on the Delve boss, because they will be easier to find. After killing the boss, the player can wait for them to respawn in 4 to 5 minutes, or find another Delve. After obtaining all 50 cursed feathers, return to the Olive Brewery and go to one of the workbenches. Choose it to make a statue of the Crowsource Terror, and then talk to the witch Talma. She will ask the player to burn the statue in one of the braziers and fill it with enough energy to open the door to the Shadow Garden. After that, stand in front of one of the stone pillars and activate the portal.