Path of Exile Scourge League brings many outstanding new features to players. These are a fresh and exciting experience for seasoned players, but for new players who have just joined Path of Exile recently, they must spend more time and energy and POE Currency to familiarize themselves with these new content. This issue will reveal the famous “The Blood Crucible” for Path of Exile Scourge players.

In Path of Exile Scourge league, The Blood Crucible plays an important role. Players need to implant it in the character’s body and use it to collect the blood of the demons killed by the character. When the stored blood of the item reaches a certain amount, it will activate, and then players can enter another space called Wraeclast. There are overwhelming demons there, and players need to survive this chaotic fight to get greater achievements.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty of this new mechanism is that players can place maps and items in The Blood Crucible. By killing enough enemies in the replacement Wraeclast, everyone can get two unique modifiers that are not available anywhere else. Although the Scourge League also has Standard, Solo Self-Found, and Hardcore modes, players taking part in the Scourge League can complete all new challenges to get some valuable POE Items. 

For those beginners with little experience, it is necessary for them to purchase POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb in advance to equip their characters with powerful weapons and equipment and practical props before the battle breaks out, which can increase the character’s chance of survival. I wish every player can have fun!