Path of Exile Scourge has arrived now, and many players have experienced the new content in the game. For some novice players who want to try it, please remember to prepare POE Currency and POE Orbs in advance. They will be able to enhance the players’ strength. Players can also see a lot of new content in the game. Here are some of its features.

Expedition becomes a core feature. Players who could not take part in the Expedition league before do not have to worry. The 3.15 update mechanism will become a core part of the game. This means that players will interact with Kalguuran merchants, giving them the opportunity to bargain and gamble on the POE Itms they want. Although it is exciting that Expedition mechanic will enter the standard, Cadiro Perandus will be completely removed from the game. So in order to supplement the players’ wealth, they can Buy Chaos Orbs.

Passive Skill Tree Rework and Masteries. In the beginning, the number of complex passive skills, and if may surprise players they do not follow some specific construction guidelines, they may mess up everything. So now the developers have re-fired on the number of passive skills, and they will add Masteries to the mix. There are passive masteries in the entire skill count, but this can also help players become more powerful, or they can buy POE Orbs to improve themselves.

More content players can explore in the game, but for inexperienced players, they must do their homework in advance and buy POE Currency. This will make them easier in the game and have a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics and gameplay. Hurry!