GGG released the Path of Exile update 1.94 patch on game consoles and PC some time ago. It brings a lot of new content and changes to Scourge. For some players who want to show their talents in the game, they have already prepared enough POE Currency in advance. So players who have not yet started playing it, please be fully prepared to try it.

Here is Path of Exile: Scourge's content update 3.16.0. In Scourge League, players will encounter a mysterious figure who handed them a rusty device called the Blood Crucible, and then players need to implant it in their bodies. If the players kill enough enemies, the cauldron will be filled with their blood, and the device can be activated when a certain threshold is reached. Players can enter a parallel world, which is occupied by the demon called The Scourge. They are powerful and dangerous. The more blood players collect, the longer they will stay in it, but their damage will also increase. So players must buy POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb to improve themselves.

Players can put POE Items into Blood Crucible. When the players kill Scourge, it will absorb the corruption from the replacement Wraeclast and concentrate it on the items. After the players buy POE Currency to increase their strength and kill enough enemies, the players' items can be transformed. Then it will be corroded and get a pair of Scourged Modifiers. Players can gain the ability to place the map together with their equipment in Blood Crucible by exploring the world atlas. When a map absorbs enough corruption and transforms, it will obtain beneficial and harmful effects in the same way as a piece of equipment.

The Scourge Challenge League has Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found versions. Their mechanics and items are the same. Players can create private league versions of these leagues and use mods that make the game more difficult. The new challenge league includes a set of 40 new challenges. After completing 12 challenges, players will receive Scourge Weapon. Of course, more players will choose buy Path of Exile Currency to get some powerful weapons.