Path of Exile recently released an update 1.95 that brings more bug fixes and improvements to the Scourge League. Those players who buy POE Currency in advance will get a better gaming experience. Here are some bug fixes.

Fixed an error where Plague Bearer displayed the wrong Maximum Plague Value on the Skill Bar tooltip if the players assigned a Passive Mastery that increased this value. Fixed the bug that Tempest Shield must be reactivated after exiting. Fixed an error where Raise Spectre would sometimes cause an error follower. Fixed a bug that Mirage Archer Support could support Power Siphon, which made the skill unavailable. Fixed the bug that can equip a Wand and Melee Weapon at the same time. Fixed an error where the Wind Dancer Keystone Passive effect might be triggered by being hit by a spell.

Fixed the bug that Lethality Notable Passive does not affect the rain Exalted Orb. Fixed a bug where Blackflame Unique Ring did not provide kill credits for enemies killed by Ignite. Fixed a bug: If used during Maimed or Hindered, the Flask modifier given to Maim or Hinder within a certain period would not work properly. Fixed a bug that the Suffix modifiers that provide reduced Flask Charges and Flasks added to the player’s Effect were classified as Prefix modifiers in the Crafting Bench.

Fixed a bug where Stagnation Map Boss would sometimes summon vines at its location instead of the target location. Fixed a bug that Jaesyn and Maker of Mires could not create clones in the Hallowed Ground Unique Map. Fixed a bug where Reef Map Boss could continue to spawn creeps after death. Fixed a bug where Delve’s dark damage was slightly higher than expected in depths less than 1000. Fixed the bug that opening Chronicle of Atzoatl would not grant Assist the Forsaken Masters Challenge.

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